Ace Combat 7 coming to PC as well


My broody-o-meter just broke!


Where’d you get that picture of me?



The Model accuracy makes my stomach turn…


I can concur with that, upon better examination that A10 alone bears the signs of “copy/mirror/paste”.
That said, their planes get the work done…


Yeah, I dont think they are trying to go after DCS… I think what they are showing looks good for what they are trying to achieve, sort of like War Thunder.


I still remember the great Ace Combat 2 for PSX. It had an intruder.
I finally unlocked it, after many hours of grinding and I found out it had an internal gun.

I died a little that day.
Still the game IS fun…


lol, war thunder, where every plane w/ a jet has afterburners… :LOL:


Don’t be a hater, its a fun game to unwind with :slight_smile: I admit though I haven’t played in a while, but really enjoy the tanks.


I havent played Ace Combat in a looooooong Time.

But I had a decent one on Xbox (Airforce Delta Storm I think?) And OverG Fighters on Xbox 360 (which was a PS2 Port of Energy Airforce I.P. )

As for WarThunder, I couldnt do it…


Whoa, are people assuming Ace Combat is anything other than the video game equivalent of a B-sci fi movie? Because between flying aircraft carriers, giant AAA Rail guns, SSCVBNs, laser armed space concords, dogfights inside of hydro electric dams, Harriers in space, or aircraft carrying a hundred missiles while reloading in the air, Ace Combat has never attempted to be area code adjacent to realism.

It’s concentrated camp.

Also lol war thunder. The game that proved the Su-27 is just a late war derivative of the Yak-3 via turn performance alone.


You strike a button here, @near_blind. Realism =/= fun.
I really really love how the missions and activities are strung together in Ace Combat.
Some of them at least, Ace Combat 4 for Ps2 was an absolute experience- Ace combat 3 for PSX was a disaster (mainly for the “lost in translation” thing).
Assault Horizon was depressing.

I hate to repeat myself but there were so many storylines, aural cues, and different takes on “pilots” in Ace Combat 4…
I’m actually starting to feel uncomfortable with the passion I feel for that silly console game. But I still do.

The same could almost be said for Sky Crawlers for Wii- Except they missed grandeur by a not so thin margin.
Probably the setting, or the storyline that was dictated by the Manga/novel…

Eh… Sorry guys. :slight_smile:


Right? I know exactly what an Ace Combat title entails, and I’m still moderately excited. Sometimes you don’t need realism, big campy stupidity is fun in it’s own right.

Besides, I need distractions until that F-14 comes out. :f14:


more money goes into rendering the cutscenes than anything :slight_smile:


For a change, Ace COmbat 4 had some amazing Anime Level cartoon to tie together the missions.
Super awesome.


It’s a really good arcade game featuring beautiful plane shapes. The move to the Unreal 4 engine will make it look really nice. It’s all about the slock story and the graphics/effects, which is cool in my book. Good fun.


You approached from teh wrong side… haha


I ■■■■■■■ love the Ace Combat series

They have some of the dopest game music


I remember being so freaking pumped for AC6 to come out back in the day. Maybe it was the gratuitous use of Strike Eagles in the trailer but I still get excited watching it.

Interestingly enough I just replayed the game a few months ago and still enjoyed the crap out of it.


It did set a nice standard of bigger areas to fight in. If they do a remake of 4/5/0/6, I wish they keep in mind the battlefields of six and try to implement those