Ace Combat 7 coming to PC as well


Anyone know if 7 will come to Steam, I might have to give it a go, looks like fun, lots of cheese to :slight_smile:


Assault Horizon is on Steam, I’d say chances are decent


Careful, you used “Assault Horizon” and “decent” in the same sentence. That’s nearly worth a temporary ban.
I know the context- but you’re pushing your luck.



This implies you’ve played Assault Horizon, and have thus been tainted by it.

I believe we’ve found a fifth columnist, a crypto-assaultist. It is you who shall be banned!


Komemiute runs away


Highly likely, since the game is coming to PC


It’s coming to Steam, as confirmed in the latest trailer. At the end of the trailer you can see the PS4, XBOX ONE and STEAM as a release platforms.




I love how stupid the stories are in ace combat but damn Ive had some good fun with these games; especially IV.



Plus, Eurofighter! YAY!


That Starfighter though

Belka did nothing wrong


I mean, it was their territory, they can nuke it if they want.





Oh wait, did someone say DCS and Starfighter in the same sentence… Ohhhh, let me dream a little…
Seriously, I am sure some of you who like arcade games will find this entertaining. I don’t find nothing wrong with that, if that is your thing. Just don’t expect it to be a simulation.
Sims are my thing so I think the trailer will just do for me. It does look very pretty.


Will it work w/ my Warthog though… haha


Same mission with novice control

And heres the same with the F-14