ACE COMBAT 7 Skies Unknown

Oh but it is, but it just doesn’t annihilate fast enough. I had that bleeding time run out on me three times with less than 200 points (ie one single kill!) left to go.

Perhaps the solution is something slower. Like, say, an A-6.

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If it had been two times, I’d say they had the balance perfect. Three times though? Shame on the devs! :wink: Better turn it down to easy…

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It does work really well with the x box pad I was pleasantly surprised. Gonna hook up the stick when it gets patched though I think it will be a lot of fun.

One small thing. In the intro with the girl gibbering on about her starfighter. I couldn’t help but laugh my arse off when the f15 came into view chasing the drone and she said it’s pulling 30g at least

I chuckled thinking “I’m in way too deep here” :joy::joy:

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This is a marked improvement over the port job of ACAH so a genuine thumbs up to Namdai for that. Good show.

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I also had trouble at first with the F-16. Just get A-10 with the 4AGMs.

There are more videos from my first ongoing playthrough here:

Loving the game so far!

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I ground out the Su-34 because that leads to the Su-47 whereas the A-10 leads nowhere. I blasted the everliving #$@! out of that mission with it. It also rocked at that oil tanks mission that ends with that awful truck hunt.