ACE COMBAT 7 Skies Unknown

Not gonna lie… I started up AC6 on the old 360 tonight and flew a few missions. I didn’t have the funds for the hotas but I did get the preorder face plate lol

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I keep thinking about what you said here. DCS has some options for really game oriented unrealistic game play. It makes me wonder how fun a mission built like an Ace Combat game mission would be. Simulation avionics and flight dynamics, but unlimited weapons and fuel, facing off against some kind of altered reality foe that has a mix of interesting hardware on the ground and in the air. :thinking:


I remember when I first starting visiting mudspike that people were mentioning a mission involving time travelling f5 fighters taking on waves of ME109 on the Normandy map. I don’t know whether it ever got built or was just an idea bandied around. That sounded pretty fun tbh. To expand upon what I meant before is that while dcs is a WHOLE lot of fun it can be quite clinical and even though I have more successes than I used to on it and have even now branched out into the MP world I still find it a bit hard going sometime. I have actually set myself little missions in the editor with odds and enemies massively stacked in my favour just so I can always end on a high if it has been a particularly rough evening on the harrier population.

Now AC7 is never ever gonna be more than a very pretty arcade game after DCS but that isn’t gonna stop it being a riot to play. Especially with the cheese!

I keep thinking about the film ‘true lies’ with the scene at the end with the harrier. It’s over the top, silly and to my mind complete nonsense. But you can’t argue it wasn’t bloody awesome to watch lol.

I feel possibly I need to get some sillyness out of my system every once in a while (looking at YOU HAWX) and everyone wants to be the ace aerial assassin! When I play dcs I absolutely DO NOT feel like that :joy::joy: but I learn new things every time I fly in dcs…


Being built. We are up to mission 9 now out of 13 or 14. Lots of polishing passes left to do so it’ll be awhile before release.

Early version of first mission can be downloaded here. DCS Mission Submission: A day at the Beach FPS isn’t great, but think it’s still fun. We’ve learned a bunch since then so future missions do better with FPS. Only so much you can do with Normandy optimization though.

Sorry for the hijack. Seemed to be referencing Time Pilot and thought I’d jump in.

Back to Ace Combat 7!


That was it!

I will use the Quick Mission Builder in IL-2 1946 and fly the P-80 against several 109’s. As long as you don’t let your speed get low you can almost always dictate the engagement. It’s fun to be almost invincible from time to time.


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The MiG-15 is also gobs of fun versus various models of fokker. Not only is it (slightly) vulnerable to them, those guns of soviet righteousness go BLAMBLAMBLAM and they just cease coherent existence if your aim is true. :partying_face:


Quick bump to the thread as this is released on PC today. Steam says it unlocks 14 hrs from time of this post


chomping at my bit. chomp. chomp.

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I’ve just started the pre-load but I have to go to work In an hour so I impressed myself with using task schedule to switch my pc off after its done downloading.
minor thing to the cleverer pc people out there but I had often wondered if that was possible to do.
Ace combat should be ready to play once I get home and out of the bloody snow

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I heard that the HOTAS support is a huge bummer. Not that my CH Set up and it would have gotten along in the first place, but cmon, 3dPro? That’s lame, Namdai can do way better.

I just completed the first two missions. I’m playing it on my TV connected PC from the couch with Xbox 360 controller. The game looks gorgeous in 4k and so far I’m enjoying it.

To enable 4k resolution in the settings you have to first set the game to fullscreen and restart the game. Then you will be able to set 4k.

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I’m very much counting the miles down tonight till I get home and can play it after my shift. I have 240 if anyone is interested lol

How does it play with the x box Controller? I was thinking I’d most probably use that anyway as its not exactly a study level sim is it. Looks so much fun!

Oh, it works fine on the pad. No worries there.

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So good. Like a warm bath with bubble foam.

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AC7 plays fine with the pad, but will have to try it with HOTAS later on. I alredy completed 3 missions yesterday before going to bed. It looks mighty fine, especially slow down replays. I’m recording my first playthrough so if anyone is interested here it is:


Apparently lack of HOTAS support is a Bug that will be addressed in an update.

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I’ve just played the first mission. Haven’t got time to play more as work have called me in bloody early again

JUST WOW! it’s silly. It’s unrealistic and it’s probably the cheesiest thing I’ve ever seen. But I am hooked already. Its completely awesome and everything I wanted it to be. I killed 8 or 9 bomber’s on and 7 or 8 fighters and in the real world would probably be promoted to Lord commander General of the entire air force for that. But my wingman just said I ‘did ok’ for my first sortie.

Its spectacular. Cannot wait to play more


Oh it’s grand. It’s also no pushover. I have tried to get past mission 6 at least ten times now, in different machines. I even ground multiplayer for a bit to gain access to the Su-34 because that mission is just too #$#!$ing hard in the F-14D.

Wait, what? AC7 didn’t make the F-14D an uber super plane capable of annihilating everything in its path? That’s gonna make the Turkey fans very upset!

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