Aerges' DCS: Mirage F1

Picture on the Mirage F-1 cockpit, from AvioDev Facebook


Aviodev rebuild Mirage F-1EB/EE external model from scratch

[quote]FIRST OF ALL, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE 2000 FRIENDS ON OUR AVIODEV PAGE EmoticĂłn like EmoticĂłn like EmoticĂłn like
After release the last picture of our F1EE, we realized we were not happy with the 3D model.That model was started years ago and had some problems from the beginning, making to reverse the situation very complicated. So we take a long breath and we decided to throw the model to the bin, and start from the scratch. That means a lot of hours wasted, but C-101 and Mirage F1 are very special aircrafts for us and we just didn’t wanted to continue a way where we won’t feel comfortable. So the modeller has been working hard the last weeks starting with new F1EE and F1BE.
Now we can say with no doubt, it’s the best decision we could be take. Still very WIP but a big step forward.

Después de publicar la última imagen del F1EE, nos dimos cuenta de que no estábamos contentos con el modelo 3D. El modelo fue empezado hace años, y tenía problemas de nacimiento que hacía muy complicado el revertir la situación. Así que respiramos hondo y decidimos tirar el modelo a la papelera, y comenzar desde cero. Esto significa muchas horas perdidas, pero el C-101 y Mirage F1 son aviones muy especiales para nosotros y simplemente no queríamos continuar un camino en el que no nos hubiéramos sentido cómodos. Así que el modelador ha estado trabajando duro estas últimas semanas empezando un nuevo F1EE y F1BE.
Ahora podemos decir sin lugar a duda que es la mejor decisiĂłn que podĂ­amos haber tomado. TodavĂ­a falta camino y horas para terminar el modelo, pero es un gran paso adelante para nosotros.[/quote]


Can’t help it but rejoice in seeing more and more models being developed!
Future looks bright. :slight_smile:


Won’t be long until the first enthusiasts have DCS modules worth 1000+ $.

I like the F1.

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Oh man, don’t remind me. I don’t dare to check…

…but now that I think about it: I am pretty sure there are already people who spent that amount for modules. There are enthusiasts who have one or more servers, and IIRC in the past (not sure about now) the DCSW account for the server needed to have all the modules you wanted to place.

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Marvelous work of Aviodev. I hope that they can finish the C101 module soon and move ahead to the F1EE.

Aviodev Facebook, Mirage F-1 cockpit redone


Here’s to hoping they pull it off. The F1 is undoubtedly my favorite of the Mirage family.


Actually I don’t even care much about the plane itself, but I still wish them success. The cockpit geometry looks nice already.
That’s also why I bought the C-101. Unfortunately things are VERY slow. I hope they pick up a bit of speed soon.

AvioDev FB Mirage F-1 Update

[quote]Still in a very early WIP of texturing stage for our new F1 model, but we wanted to share with you the beginning of this process. :slight_smile:

TodavĂ­a en una fase muy temprana de la parte de texturizaciĂłn de nuestro nuevo modelo de F1, pero querĂ­amos compartir con vosotros el comienzo de este proceso. :slight_smile:



Looking Good. Hope to see this soon.



Lets try this again… This is the one I drive past all the time in Qatar. I was in a cab on my way to some drinks with friends. I was able to take this pic.

DSC_0027 by Mark, on Flickr


Hello all.
We have added, in latest updates of versions 1.5.7 (Caucasus) and 2.1.1 (Nevada and Normandy), new training missions of instrument flight and use of the Flight Director, as well as quick start and single missions for Normandy map. All these missions are localized in English, Spanish and Chinese.
Some corrections have been made also in radios interaction between cockpits. You may see the changelogs in the following links:
DCS World 1.5 Changelog and Updates - Page 3 - DCS World 1.x (read only) - ED Forums
DCS 2 changelogs and updates - Page 2 - Official Updates - ED Forums
On the other hand, our systems programmer will finish CC navigational aids in a few days and continue then with weapon systems. We estimate CC will be ready in about a couple of months, if nothing unexpected occurs.
Regarding AFM, the aerodynamics and engine programmer continues working on real data implementation, a hard work that will still take several months.
We are also working on cockpit 3D model of Mirage F1, being external model already finished.


@near_blind you had opined in an F-18 thread that the D/F models are the best examples of a perfectly apportioned jet. Or something along those lines.

I would submit the tandem F-1 could also be in that conversation. It is a beautiful plane and I like it more than the 2000 even if it is less capable. I am rooting for you Avio Dev.

I don’t know how I feel about the tandem F-1, but I’m absolutely gaga for it overall. Cheer’s to Avio dev bringing us the le Supreme Chasseur de Baguette

Still months to go for the CC and they aren’t even talking about a possible release of the AFM?
I knew it would take a while but slowly this is becoming increasingly disappointing. Even for me. :frowning:

I’m in Love. Hope we see this soon. Good Luck Guys!

Hmm, looks like the 101 is shaping up to something now! Perhaps it is time to pick it up in the near future!