Aerofly FS 2

Bumped into this beautiful video showcasing Aerofly FS 2, but I think Vimeo tends to get less views than YouTube for this sort of thing, and I believe a lot of people would enjoy this, so I’m posting it around.


Very nice. Stunning graphics and very fluid…

That’s amazing. I would imagine that the VR experience would be wonderfully immersive. How are the FMs? I could see where a stick and rudder type who enjoys flying for the sensations rather than the processes would enjoy that sim, if the flight model is realistic enough.

Aerofly is using something akin To X-planes blade element theory for the Fm’s as well as refinements via lookup tables. I’m told the combination is very versatile, and Aerofly has quickly released an SDK to allow 3rd parties to dig in and take a look.

Reaction to the sim so far has been excellent and to take a look, i’ll point you to the user reviews both from new fliers and longtime sim users: Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator on Steam

I’ll also give you the list I compiled of updates to the sim since launch. In fact the list is incomplete, since there was a huge flurry of undocumented updates relating to getting the VR experience up to snuff.

Ipacs aerofly [developer] May 19 @ 9:15am

[Official] Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator released as Early Access

Dear Aerofly FS 2 users,

We are happy to announce that our Flight Simulator Aerofly FS 2 is finally available here on Steam as an Early Access title.

Aerofly FS 2 should run stable and reliable, but we might have overseen a bug here and there. In this case, please be patient with us. Report the bug to us and explain as detailed as possible how to reproduce it, we will try to fix issues as fast as possible.

We hopy you enjoy flying with Aerofly FS 2.

So what can you expect from the Early Access Aerofly FS 2?

We have a few points on our list that we would like to add within the coming month. Note that these are just planned features, there is always a chance that those feature might not make it into the final product, but we try to do our best. Here are some of our features:
Tools for 3rd party developers to add airplanes and airports
Full controller support so you can use the Steam Big Picture mode
More airplanes
More airports and regions
Support for VR devices like Vive and Occulus
Flight presets
Support for Saitek control panels ( maybe also support for Saitek Flight Display )

Some features did not make it into the Early Access version yet, they include:
Higher level autopilot modes like Flight Level Change, Managed Modes, Lateral and Vertical navigation. You can select some of these modes on some aircraft, but don’t expect these to be working correctly or at all.
Autotuning and VHF frequency selection for A320, B747, Learjet 45 and King Air
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ipacs aerofly [developer] Jun 3 @ 7:14am

[Official] Aerofly FS 2 roadmap during Early Access

Dear Aerofly users,

First of all, thank you very much for all the feedback and ideas, you have provided to us. As we see, the wishes are numerous and each user has its own priorities. It is a challenging task for us to come up with a good road-map to please everybody.

The near future will bring the following main features to Aerofly FS 2:

DONE: Higher resolution textures for aerial images
DONE: SDK. The initial version of the SDK will offer the following features:

  • An option to read simulation data via DLL or network
  • A possibility to send back data into the simulation, e.g. control inputs.
  • Tools and converters so you can add your own objects and airports to Aerofly
    Improved usability of airliners, e.g. LNAV, VNAV, auto tuning, radio navigation

From all the Emails we have received a good ATC module also has high priority on our side. This ATC module will most likely go through many iterations.

Of course this list is not exhaustive, so expect to see more features, where we haven’t decided yet on the exact priority, like more system complexity, improved graphics, complex weather simulation and so on.

Besides those major points, we will in parallel work on other things like, Saitek support, Virtual Reality, new airplanes and airports, basically things that don’t bind too many resources.

Please understand that we cannot give you exact dates. Experience has shown that it is difficult to estimate times to implement complex features like ATC.

Thanks again for supporting Aerofly FS 2.
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ipacs aerofly [developer] Jun 23 @ 11:02am

[Official] Aerofly FS 2 Scenery SDK for evaluation

We have finished an initial version of our scenery SDK for Aerofly FS 2.

Anybody seriously interested in creating airports or new scenery objects for Aerofly FS 2 and who has access to either 3D Studio Max 2010, 2012 or 2016 or Cinema 4D R17 may contact us for an evaluation of the SDK. Drop us an Email at mail (at) along with some information on why you intend to develop sceneries for Aerofly FS 2.

ipacs aerofly [developer] Jul 22 @ 11:45am

[Official] Aerofly FS 2 major update with VR and LNAV/VNAV support

Dear Aerofly users,

We have just published a major update into the Beta channel of Steam. Since we made lots of changes, we will leave it in Beta for now, until we have had enough feedback from you.

To check out the Beta version of Aerofly FS 2 do the following
Right click on Aerofly FS 2 in your Steam Library and choose ‘Properties’
From the properties window select the tab titled “Betas”. From this page select the applicable beta from the drop-down menu. If you’ve previously opted into a beta you can opt out by selecting the menu option.

Here is a list of changes:

Preliminary support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Please note, this is a very early implementation. Also keep in mind to use a very fast 3D graphic card.
Added buttons to show/hide navaids, airports and waypoints on map in location and navigation menu
Added button to position airplane at start of route in location and navigation menu
Added button to center map on aircraft position
Added button to center map on route
Added current route is displayed on location menu map
Added aircraft equipped with LNAV/VNAV can fly the planned route automatically
Added cockpit navigation displays show route and waypoints and time and distance to next waypoint
Added PFDs show tuned ILS identifier, course and distance
Added autotuning: airliners automatically tune navaids from route, nearby navaids and destination ILS
Fixed route shows magnetic track instead of true track
Added new repaints for F-18, Pitts
Fixed bump mapping on P-38
Fixed rudder assist / autorudder turned off
Added right mouse button to pull knobs in cockpit
Added navigation guides for route (enable/disable with approach guides)
Fixed auto spoiler retract when applying full throttle in all aircraft
Added A320 ECAM pages: engines, electrics, hydraulics, fuel, wheels, flight controls (other pages are not completed yet)
Added A320 automatic ECAM switching and manual page request and page iteration
Work in progress A320 electric and fuel system (closing fuel valves has no effect yet)
Added C172 full electical bus system including battery and alternator simulation
Added C172 radios and navigation instruments can be switched off (and on)
Added C172 turning off the master battery switch will kill all electrics and set the cockpit into a dark state
Work in progress C172 fuel system (closing fuel valves has no effect yet)
Fixed minor bugs on aircraft (landing gear cutting through doors, hidden objects, …)
Added C172 added waypoints and route display to the moving map display in the cockpit
Added Baron58 electical system, radio stack can be turned off

Dear Aerofly users,

We just publish a new update for Aerofly FS 2. We mainly addressed issues with VR and added the possibility to use the GUI with your controller only. Here is a list of changes:

You may now operate the cockpit with your mouse while using VR. Please experiment with it and let us know what you think.
In the controls menu you may now assign keys and functions for operating the GUI, this way you can avoid using the mouse while in big picture mode or in VR.
Fixed ADF receivers can tune all NDBs
Added MB339 flight director

In the next updates we are going to address further VR issues. Please note, in VR the moving map is currently not working properly. Its best to turn the map off by pressing ‘M’. Also the flight infobar is experimental as well, you may turn it off by pressing ‘I’.

Please also keep in mind, that if you use VR and you have set your quality settings to high, ultra or you enabled lots of clouds, you REALLY need a very fast 3D graphic card or you will notice stuttering while looking around.

ipacs aerofly [developer] 1 hour ago

Aerofly FS 2 VR support for Oculus SDK

Dear Aerofly users,

we just updated Aerofly FS 2. We now support the native Oculus SDK. Anybody using an Oculus Rift please try this version, it should have less jitter now. It would be nice if you could report back if you encounter any bugs.

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I used to really enjoy Aerofly FS. The sensation of speed, coupled by very nice scenery while tearing through the Swiss Alps in the F18 was unmatched IMHO.

Having seen this thread I have now pulled the trigger on AF:FS2 along with the Swiss scenery DLC. I’ll report back on the VR experience. People are saying good things about it.

This past few months I have been doing quite a bit of flying in the SW US region too, including San Diego, Los Angeles, Oakland, Nappa, etc etc. It will be interesting to see just how good the airports are compared to their real life counterparts.

The only problem is that the base product is over 40Gb. It’s going to take over a day to download it, not counting the hi-res texture and Swiss terrain DLC’s. Lol, I’ll just get this stuff installed and I will have to head back out on the road again. Such is life when you live in the sticks with a slow internet connection (4mbps).


I see this a bit, so drank more tea and…

I had noted to the developers that Megascenery already has the option of getting large scenery areas delivered via usb stick, and you can actually either purchase the stick as well or return it after installing (I think)

I believe in certain instances, it could be a very good idea.


That’s good to hear and would be very helpful. TIA

Thanks for the list. Great to see the continued development.

After a very long 30 hour download, I can say that this is pretty awesome in VR. You wont find complex systems modelling (DCS World, FSX and X-Plane don’t have to worry - yet ). The F18 MFDs etc are just for show, but then, when you are supersonic at tree top height flying through the Alpine valleys of Switzerland, you don’t have time for anything but the HUD. I loved doing that in AeroFly FS 1, it is an unbelieveable rush in VR. Graphics have been improved, you can now adjust the weather and time of day. I have fallen in love with the shiny red P38 :slight_smile: .
I have to hit the road again tomorrow, but I’ll do a more thorough writeup when I get back.


New Aerofly FS 2 Update Version 2.0.1EA3.30


Dear Aerofly users,

Here is another update for Aerofly FS 2.

Just to be on the safe side we have published this update to the Beta channel, in case we have overlooked a critical bug. If you want to try this update, please opt into the Beta channel for Aerofly FS 2.

This update added some commonly requested small features and might also improve performance when in cockpit view. We strongly recommend to update your 3D drivers. Here is a list of changes:

Improved Rendering speed of up to 25% in cockpit view on modern 3D graphic cards (Please install the latest 3D driver! You also need an OpenGL 4.5 compatible graphic card)
Added Landmarks can be turned on/off during simulation. Assign a function in the Controls menu
Fixed route starting airborne
Added right double click support
Added more flight state messages to SDK output / wrt to body system
Added support for Saitek Multi Panel
Added support for Saitek Radio Panel
Added support for Saitek Switch Panel
Added Frequency select and swap assignable in controller menu
Added support for Saitek TPM
Added more autopilot functions assignable in controller menu
Added mouse cursor fades in simulation
Added light controls assignable in controller menu
Fixed view rotation doesn’t tilt view when looking left/right
Changed default view tilt removed for VR
Added a single control device can be reset to its default
Added all assignments for one device can be removed
Added screenshot function can be assigned to key or button
Added variometer volume can be adjusted using buttons/keys
Added A320 more ECAM pages, updates to flight displays (WIP)
Added ASG29 flight computer (WIP)

We hope you enjoy this update.

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Apparently the VR support on this puppy is amazing.

I’m tempted to give it a go, just to get off the ‘I need to buy Terrain/Aircraft/Weather Add-On for FSX/X-Plane/P3D’ train for a bit. I will miss the FMC stuff, but the value seems to be there for what is in it already. I actually like flying the Southwest US, so it looks like a good ‘all-in’ deal on a high performance graphics engine.

They look like they are still adding stuff Paul, have you taken a recent look? Interesting on picking this up, so if you like it in the Rift then I might pull the trigger in the (inevitable) upcoming Steam sale.

Aerofly FS2 may be considered sim-light, in some aspects. But I like it a lot. Especially in VR! It really shines in VR…

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Thanks @Troll.

Is the flight model poor/wrong when compared to something like FSX or just more a sim-light because of the lack of SIDS/STARS so far? (I think those are missing, right?)

Yeah, I’d like to know this as well. Another thing that’s got me hesitating is that you can’t add 3rd party aircraft (or any other add-ons), right? The visuals sure make it tempting though. I can see myself after a hard day in the salt mine, grabbing a cold one, doning my VR headset, and taking a nice little sightseeing flight.

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Exactly! I’m tempted because (always, with the lists…):

  • It’s a complete package.
  • It’s not that much money :slight_smile:
  • They are still working on it and seem to do regular updates.
  • They can write game’s software and have chosen to do aviation sims, so hattip (with cash)
  • VR Cult of 2D peasants etc.because it’s a new graphic’s engine and other than EDGE/DCS, that’s not a lot of that about in this genre.

I’m thinking it will never be a DCS, P3D or XP11 but it may have a place anyway.


I’d say that the flightmodel is very good. I haven’t tested the numbers, but the feel is there. Groundhandling is a bit twitchy. System modelling is improving. Remember that it is early access. You can’t do cold and dark, but the A320 has several ECAM pages and they are still building that one.
I don’t think RNAV is implemented, but basic IFR NAV is there. Haven’t flown it for almost a month, so I’m not sure I remember correctly.
Visuals are great! It’s photo scenery, so it depends on the resolution. Mostly good, some places great, and other places bland. But, again, WIP.
As its predecessor it’s very easy on the resources. This makes it really suitable for VR. I took the Extra up for spin practise, and it was fantastic…! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Flying around 3D San Francisco in VR is also a great experience.
Nevada almost looks better than DCS NTTR!

Definately worth the money, IMO.

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Interesting observations. I might pick it up if it goes on sale just to have as a VR demonstrator at the very least. I have a staff meeting in a few weeks (first week of November) and I’m going to bring my computer and Rift to the office, setup my controllers, and let the other pilots take a spin. I can’t wait to hear the reactions… Aerofly FS2 might be a good one to showcase VR… Is there a demo?

I don’t think so, no. But reading @Troll’s and @PaulRix’s impressions I think it is looking good so far.

At least one developer is working on converting aircraft to Aerofly fs2…

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