Aerofly FS 2


There is also a cold and dark mod for one of the aircraft done by one of the developers in his spare time. Showing that its possible in the engine.


AeroFly FS2 is pretty darned awesome in VR. I use it mainly as a VFR sim. I get such a rush flying the F18 at low level around Switzerland. It was great to do that in AeroFlyFS 1 with the Track-IR… 10 times more awesome in VR. ;).


Nice! I don’t see why it shouldn’t be possible to do. But I remember reading somewhere that they din’t have proper start-up sounds for the different aircraft, so that wasn’t implemented yet.


Some more interesting news/Speculation. Orbx has announced some projects for the new year, one of which possibly hints at a foray into the world of Aerofly:

"Top Secret Projects

Now to the juicy stuff! Next year we have a number of top-secret projects being started. All of these are big budget, big investment, risky, adventurous and a little bit scary for us. I know I am going to sound deliberately vague, but understand we are investing deep into six figures for these initiatives so it’s important to keep things within the company for now. Don’t worry, I think you know how much we as a team love showing you new stuff, so things will be revealed soon enough.

Project A - Massive. A huge investment in new tech, new tools, new apps and new staff. It will surprise many of you, and delight you all. It will focus on both Europe and North America. It will perform like nothing you have experience in your simming life. It will support VR. It will be a VFR flyer’s wet dream.*It will be sold on OrbxDirect. Oh, and it will be 64-bit."


Interesting, for sure!



This Just in From the Aerofly Facebook page:

For our PC friends:

A new destination will be available in the next 3 weeks.


Great… Another simulated Hudson River for Sully @BeachAV8R to swim in.


Must resist getting involved in another sim. But the force is definitely strong in this one.


Good thing Fighter Ops isn’t going to make that Christmas release deadline…


Gotta hand it to em, they know how to make it look pretty!


Well I guess I’ll be able to practice my approaches into Teterboro in glorious and silky smooth VR :slight_smile:


Aerofly FS2 isn’t the most detailed, or hard-core flightsim I know, but it’s really nice in VR because it’s so easy on the hardware resources. Will be interesting to see how their engine pulls NYC…!


Are they doing helos? With landscapes like that it would seem like a good idea?


I read somewhere that they will make Helos.

Ah, yes. Here


Yes, the developers confirm helicopters eventually. Remember this company also makes a very successful RC simulator, and has literally dozens and dozens of models, many of which are helicopters, which the developers say will be relatively easy to convert.


Two weeks after??? :joy:


One more…



Aerofly FS 2 Update Version 2.0.1EA3.66


Dear Aerofly users,

We are happy to announce that we have a new update shortly before christmas. The major new feature in this update is the F-15 fighter jet. We also made some minor fixes to the tree and shadow rendering, that might result in better performance. We hope you enjoy this update.

Also new is the New York region as a DLC. This region features over 10 new airports in and around New York and also adds new high resolution aerial images.
Important note: This new region requires a VERY GOOD and powerful 3D graphic card. Please reduce the graphic setting ‘Building density’ to lower values if you do observe performance issues. When flying over New York in VR, we strongly recommend to use a NVIDIA GeForce 10x0 type card for smooth performance.

Thank you everybody for supporting us so far during the Early Access phase. This release option here on Steam really helped us to better shape our flight simulator. So stay tuned for more updates in 2017.

Here is the list of changes so far:

Added the F-15
Added New York region as a DLC
Improved tree rendering with less graphics card memory usage
Fixed zoom speed is independent of frame rate
Added preliminary Vive controller support for menu and cockpit interaction
Fixed device list in controller menu can be scrolled to display more than 8 connected devices
Changed HUD keeps vertical orientation in ‘follow’ view
Changed minimum HUD size is smaller
Changed only minimal HUD is shown when in ‘external’ and ‘fly by’ views


Ooh! That sounds good.