Aerofly FS 2



How’s the performance?


250fps on ultra, lowest I saw was 137fps

More than enough for VR!


Aerosoft’s graphic’s engine is apparently very good and VR friendly. I think @PaulRix has had a good time with it on the Rift.

One for under my Christmas Tree this year I think. That NY DLC for visual flights looks great. :christmas_tree:


How does it compare to the SFO area, performance wise?


Considering the increase in the number of buildings, I think Ny must be much more optimized. But then, its not unexpected that they would learn new tricks as time goes on…


Worth pointing out that the USA North East DLC (including New York) is only $10. I’ll put this here just in-case Aerofly 2 joins in the Steam Holiday’s Sale (that starts tomorrow, rumour fans)

Plus nice (auf Deutsch) quick look of NYC flying, with bonus F-15E footage:


Aerofly FS 2 is still one of the best VR experiences out there IMHO. I’ll be picking up the new DLC as soon as I get home. How far out does this terrain go from NYC? Are KTEB, KMMU and KHPN airports modeled? Being a biz-jet guy those airports are more important to me than JFK, LGA and EWR


Coverage area, with airports to-date


Looks great - I really need to carve out some time to check it out… Thanks for the pics and info!


A quick fps test on my system:


That’s borderline incredible, for that scenery!
Must dl and try in VR…


Thanks for that HiFflyer. I see that all my main airports of interest are already there :sunglasses:.


First of all… $10 for this is nothing!
It runs very well in VR on my i7 4790 @4GHz, 16Gb RAM, Geforce 980 TI.
I’m seriously impressed with this scenery! Flying over Manhattan and looking down at all those buildings, in 3D VR is nothing short of amazing! Down low, as in illegally low between the buildings, I get some stuttering. Don’t know why that is? Maybe it’s the ASW that’s causing it when the entire picture is filled with buildings swooshing by at high speed…
Will have to test some more and play a little with the settings as I ran everything on Ultra during my first test. But I’m satisfied with the VR performance so far.


So can you tune and fly ILS approaches and stuff? I’m pretty far behind the curve on Aerofly…


Yeah! Especially the stuff! Stuff works great in Aerofly… :wink:

Seriously though, it has working NAV radios and NAV aids. Haven’t tested it extensively. Just tried a ILS approach.


Kid practices ILS in heavy fog.

Systems are definitely not as detailed as in FSX after ten years, but Aerofly is trying, promising greater depth in upcoming planes, and I think so far they deserve the community’s support in bringing something new to the market.


So, just in case anyone missed it, Orbx announces support for Aerofly FS 2:


ipacs aerofly [developer]

[Official] Aerofly FS 2 Scenery SDK

Dear Aerofly users,

We have finally made our SDK for Aerofly FS 2 publicly available. If you are interested,
please visit the following website to download the installer:

The download is free, all we require is an Email for registration so we can inform you,
if a new version comes out that might be incompatible to previous versions.

The SDK features a complete model of the Robin DR400 airplane, complete with all sources.
It should show you all the various aspects required to get an airplane into Aerofly FS 2.

Using this SDK you can currently do the following:
Create your own airplane
Model your own airport or scenery objects
Read simulation data from Aerofly and send commands back in using a Windows DLL
Besides the actual SDK you will need either 3D Studio Max 2012 or newer or Maxon
Cinema 4D 17 or newer if you plan on creating your own airplane or scenery.

None of the tools are required however to get the sample Robin DR400 airplane
into Aerofly FS 2.

Please consider this SDK as a work in progress. We might add more features to it
in the future, for example for adding your own aerial images or elevation data or to
even add code to program your own cockpit displays. We also might add support for
other modelling tools like AC3D.


Base game was 30GB, now downloading the free hi-res pack just for California area. Gulp, buy stock in SSD’s…