Aginor's DCS server test, help wanted

Hey y’all!

I’d like to have a few flights with a buddy soon, and for that I’d like to host a tiny server.
My machine isn’t too strong to begin with, so I know I will have some severe limits on performance.

That’s OK though, since the aim is to have a mission featuring

  • two (up to four in the future if I can get more of my buddies to join in) players
  • one or two planes
  • maybe a few very small scripts, no Moose or anything
  • 20 or so ground objects for target practice
  • maybe an AWACS and/or tanker for later shenanigans

Missions will - at least for now - be:

  • basic flight training in a two-seater (L-39 for sure, C-101 when it is released on Steam)
  • formation flying
  • basic air combat training, two planes
  • once the F-14 is released we will do the same in the Tomcat. But until then I will have a new PC hopefully.

My connection should be OK, I have 50mbit/s download, 10mbit/s upload. Not stellar but should do for two persons I guess.

Now, I guess I will have to forward port 10308 in my router?
Anything else I should do?

I have read and watched a few tutorials on that and that seemed to be it, but those were created some years ago.

And then of course, before I use the server with my buddy I’d like to test it with someone from the community. He is new to DCS so I want it to go relatively smoothly.
It would be a few minutes of work, basically join up, hop into the L-39 and fly around a tiny bit, to the target area, to see if there are severe problems.

So that’s my request.
If you would be ready to help me, please post the time slots when you could be online in the next few days, times in UTC please.
I am in Germany so everyone in Europe should have a nice ping I guess, but since I have flown with y’all on US-based servers multiple times I think you should be able to help from there as well.

I have vacation until the 6th of January, so until then I am quite flexible with time slots.
After that it will be mainly 1800 UTC until 2300 UTC.


I also created myself a teamspeak channel on some public TS3 server I found via the TS3 client’s server browser (mainly used by people from the balkans it seems. But the admin was friendly. :smiley: )

Can anyone just hop in and see if it works?

Channel is “Aginor’s Test” (a temporary channel)
Password to my channel is “banana19”

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Aginor - I can try it out. I’m working right now but maybe DM me with your GMT and I can be available in maybe 2 hours? I’m GMT-6 in Dallas rt now, but should be in front of my PC around noonish.

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Not sure if I can help but I’m normally available Sunday up until midnight when my shift starts. Also Monday and Tuesday nights ALL NIGHT as that is technically my weekend.
I haven’t actually got the the l39 yet but I was on the fence about getting that or the c101 as I fancied a trainer to improve my flying. I’m quite interested in a chilled basic server like yours (and I speak a small amount of German if English is a problem)
I have the use of the harrier and the fc3 aircraft as well. (also a10c but I don’t fly it)

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PM sent.

I have no clue whether it will work at all. I am really on the thin side concerning hardware I guess.

If it works it might become a regular thing though, so watch this space.


Would love to help you out but i don’t own the L-39. :persevere:

Well, I do have a C101 slot on that mission in case you own that one.

…and I think I will just add a Su-25T or two as well. I think aircraft slots don’t take away a lot of resources if you don’t actually put a player in there…

Wish I could join but I’m GMT-6 so I’m pretty far out there. I also don’t have either trainer.

You can have a lot of flyable slots, it doesn’t have a performance impact, though I would recommend preloading every type of aircraft to reduce stuttering.

How do you preload aircraft?

Added two Su-25T slots.

I’ve done it both by putting static aircraft in and by adding an AI plane set to “nothing” as the task with only a start waypoint set to ramp start.

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Ah OK. Good idea, will do that.

Starting the server now.
Let’s see if anyone can see it…

Server name is “Aginor’s test server”
Password is “banana19”

Quite OT but might be worth a feature request to add an option for the server to preload the list of aircraft slots in the mission…

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So… can anyone check the DCS server browser if you can at least see the server?

Name/IP address? I don’t see anything with your name in the DCS server browser.


Server name is “Aginor’s test server”
Password is “banana19”

Public Ip is

I only get “server offline.”

Same result for others that tried.
Checking the router settings ( I will retry tomorrow).

Thanks to all who tried!

Ok, troubleshooting time I guess.

That port 10308, do I need to allow TCP, UDP, or both?

Is the same port used outgoing and incoming?

…I wish this was Linux. I feel much more comfortable there. Windows is… argh.

I have it set to both UDP and TCP on my firewall. Same port ingoing and outgoing.