Aginor's DCS server test, help wanted



Ok, thanks.

Can you check if it is visible now?

Publicly listed server, same name and IP as posted above.


Nope, don’t see it on the server browser and can’t join via IP.




Uhh… I assume you tried with the release version of DCSW?

I can also try the beta but I am pretty sure that isn’t the reason.


I’m only on the open beta, should have specified. I do believe all versions should show in the browser, though. They have in the past when I was on stable.


You could see if the port is open using this. 99% of windows gaming issues are looking at the Windows Firewall the wrong way and it not forwarding.

Edit - That IP has that port open from here.


Yep I have tried this tool:

and it also says it is open


Give me 15 mins and I’ll log on with the non steam release version and have a look @Aginor bear with me I’m just reading my kid a bedtime story about tractors. It’s awesome BTW. 15 mins tops


I’ll also try the same mission in the openBeta in a few minutes. Maybe that works.


Can’t see you on the list and the IP says server offline when I put password in and jlin


That’s ok, right now it isn’t running.

At the moment I am starting the server.
OpenBeta version.

Should be running in a minute or so.

After that I will try the release version again.


Ok, running the openBeta server now.

Same IP, name and PW.

I’ll keep it running for a few minutes. Please try to connect with it using an openBeta client. IIRC they are sometimes compatible, sometimes not.


Connecting now, as I had DCS Open Beta up already. Seems to be working my end, loading a mission.


I just saw a message about you joining the server, but you are not yet in the players pool.


Well done @fearlessfrog I was scrambling to download Skatezillas app before I had to go to work lol.

@Aginor if that’s solved it I will log off but if you do want to try release version I’ll stay on for a few more mins :+1:


@fearlessfrog it just says you timed out.

@Victork2 I’d like to try it with the release version if you have a few minutes time.
But it isn’t urgent so if you have anything remotely important to do then by all means do that.


No worries dude Ill keep refreshing :grin:


OK I’ll quickly try the release version.


Could be my end, I had lots of other stuff running when I tried and I am a long way away from Germany. :slight_smile: Firewall and app connect side seems good though.


Yep, thanks a lot!