Aginor's DCS server test, help wanted



I’m in.


Lol. My PC hasn’t even loaded the mission. :smiley:


I’m loaded as a spectator atm. Can see your name above me


How do I open chat


Shift + tab


None of my keyboard controls are working and chat isn’t working since I joined


Sometimes you have to rebind the chat keys.


@Victork2 do you have mods installed? My server claims your client is tainted


Well after my landing gear collapsed and I ejected the server booted me for non pure chat client?


If you have the older version of the A-4 mod installed that can happen.


Strange things are happening there. :smile:


This is a brand new install on new ssd. Haven’t got the A4 unzipped into it yet


Btw @server-experienced-guys:

Does the server still have to have all the modules licensed?


Huh… maybe it is me who has mods installed…
That would fail your integrity check as well I guess…


I will have to try again soon @Aginor I REALLY have to go to work lol.

Ran smooth as silk my end apart from the little issues. Great framerate and your place looked very smooth.
Ill Definitely try that again with you


Server doesn’t need any modules unless you want to host missions on the paid maps.


Thank you so much for your help! :slight_smile:


No worries that was funny! Upload the screenshot of my plane that moved 3 feet and destroyed itself lol.


Here it is!

I wonder what caused the collapsing gear.
I remember that bug from loooong loong ago, might have been before DCSW even was called DCSW or shortly thereafter.
Haven’t had it happen ever since.


Love the confused Englishman stood scratching his head wondering what the hell happened :joy::joy: