Aginor's profoundly weird Baseball thread


Ok I read the Wikipedia article so I have a (VERY basic) understanding of some of the most important rules now.

Is there any situation in which a batter might intentionally let the pitch hit him to advance to first base? Does that work or will the Umpire usually decide in favor of the pitcher?
I mean: can you tell if the batter would have been able to avoid being hit? (As far as I understand getting hit be the ball only helps if you couldn’t avoid it)


Oh, absolutely! The league has really only started cracking down on batters who purposely stretched out to get hit by pitches in the last few years
Craig Biggio of the Astros is one who comes to mind who was especially fond of this tactic, and pitchers HATED him for it.


Also here’s a fun article on a master of getting hit with ball, complete with a chart of everywhere a baseball has ever hit him (200 times when they wrote this)


Trying to be hit by a pitch can also result in absolutely getting drilled by a pitch as well. If you’re reaching to try an get tagged by an inside slider or curve, be prepared to take a max velocity “wild” fastball.

Also baseball is now a sport for people who appreciate the meta game and micro management. Yes there are still some athletic feats, but you can watch those on sports center. Personally the modern compu-stat driven ball is horrible, but that’s me.


Ok, thanks guys!
Follow up on that:

That ball is a piece of cork or rubber, tightly wrapped in yarn, leather coated.
In other words: it is fairly hard, and ~150 grams heavy.
It also moves at what seems to be up to (or even exceeding?) 40m/s
…which means that it hits its target with over 120 joules of energy if I am not mistaken, which is almost the equivalent of a 22 caliber rifle bullet.
Sure, the ball is not a projectile, but still…

Edit: it is (naturally) also comparable to the energy the batter would receive if the pitcher just straight up punched him with his fist.

I assume those guys aren’t armored? Wearing helmets though. I guess I now know the reason why.
So… holy crap I’d definitely like to avoid being hit by pitch, regardless of where I am hit.

Are serious injuries a thing that happens?


So it all depends on who’s throwing how much the risk is. Catching a fastball from a rocket arm is gonna be bad, a slider or curve that just went wide is a lot better. A lot of guys wear arms guards, leg guards, etc to help address that issue. Really if the ball doesn’t hit on bone (hands, elbow, ankle) it’s just gonna leave a big bruise.


Yes serious injuries are a thing.

Also the Yankees and Red Sox suck :slight_smile:

if you’re looking for a good resource for streaming - but you have to pay. They do “game of the day” though which is free.


Yes, batters wear helmets. You will also notice that catchers wear a helmet, cage face guard and a chest protector. The umpire calling the balls and strikes also has a face guard and chest protector.

Needles to say, jockstraps with athletic cups are mandatory.

Re worried about getting hit…once you step up to the plate you are a lot more focused on hitting the ball than being hit by the ball…funny how the competitive part of your brain takes over. :slightly_smiling_face:


That works the same in fighting sports. It’s harder to learn to defend without getting a defensive mindset than it is to learn how to throw a good punch or kick. Same for the ground game. I used that to good effect, like when I had my opponent pinned in a side mount. Give him just enough room to start thinking offensively. They’d grab the room and by doing that offer me just that bit of elbow to seal the deal with a hammer lock or Americana.