Aginor's profoundly weird Baseball thread


i’m guessing it’s a college basketball thing, the cincy business, I hate watching basketball which is probably why I am unaware of why I’m suppose to hate them.


Being from Philly, I dislike all things Pittsburg - Steelers, Pirates, Penguins and Pittsburg University basketball (formerly in the Big East conference) - it’s just a cross-state rivalry thing. (Philadelphia and Pittsburg are the two big cities in Pennsylvania)

As @Navynuke99 indicated, the Braves are a fun team (you get to do the tomahawk chop cheer) but will break your heart in September…which is when NFL starts so, maybe not all that bad.

For me the Reds still have the Pete Rose taint on them. Not for the betting thing but because he went back to them from the Phillies where he was part of their World Series champion team in…um…1980? (A moment of silence for Tug McGraw)

I’ve never been a Cardinals fan…probably because I confuse them with the football team which until 1987 was also in St Louis. They did that whole I-70 series with the Royals in 1985(?) which was interesting.

That leaves the Nationals, which have picked up a bit of a following with the US military since a whole bunch of us are stationed in the Pentagon and other bases in and around D.C. often enough. Which is too bad because before the Nationals moved in, the closest team was the Baltimore Orioles…not a great team but Cal Ripken Jr. played for them when he broke the record for consecutive games played.

If I wasn’t obligated to root for the Phillies, I would go for the Orioles and the Braves.

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Part basketball, part they keep moving to Charlotte. But that’s a whole separate rant altogether. :wink:

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Spring training coverage isn’t complete on both sides, or at all sometimes in spring training, but still pretty easy to see whose broadcast it is imo


Hmmm now that we speak of the the influence other sports have on the rivalries:

The Cowboys-Steelers Rivalry makes me a bit reluctant to like Pittsburgh, even though it is kinda silly for Football to be a factor…


There are a number of cities that claim a rivalry with Dallas. Personally, I think the Redskins v Cowboys is probably the most legitimate…the whole “let’s play Cowboys and Indians” that my generation used to do, germane…I guess now to be politically correct, the game would be “Native Americans and non-Vegan free range ranch employees”, or woads to that effect. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Guys, this might be not funny to you, but for me it is.

So, there is this Youtuber named RBT. I like some of his Madden videos which is why I subscribed to him.

And two weeks or so ago he made this baseball related video.
TL;DR his friend is a baseball pitcher and he threw a few balls his way. Holy ■■■■! :smiley:


That hit was definitely gonna be a stinger.



so as opening day is drawing to a close, gotta wonder, who did you pick? Or still trying to figure it out?

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I will go for the Braves to follow a bit more closely, but I’ll pretty much watch anything that I can find a good stream or nice highlights videos of, fitting into my viewing times.

So @y’all
Please post any interesting Baseball related stuff you find! :slight_smile:


A Braves fan! Congratulations. You are now among some of the most faithful fans on the planet…just be prepared to have your heart broken sometime around September.

OK, next step: As you follow the Braves, be sure to keep a bit of awareness for the other good players in the National League. The 2019 All Star Game, to be held this year on 9 July in Cleveland. This year they will be having a single “election day” a d I’m pretty sure you can vote on line. So good to keep an eye out for the players you want on “your” All Star team. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m pretty pumped up. In addition to the Phillies, I’m going to follow the Braves too! :smile:


Where’s the thumbs down button on this thing :joy:


You could ironically “like” the post

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We will give him the Braves tomahawk chop! :grinning:

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Anyone saying they like the Phillies and the Braves both deserves a tomahawk chop! Let the razzing begin, need to make sure we get the full fan experience going here :smiley:


I grew up a few miles from Veteran’s Stadium. Being a Phillies fan is a prerequisite for getting good cheese steaks, hoagies and Scrapple. :grinning:

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Ditto, well a few miles further up the road, which is why i’m going to give you an ever harder time about it :smiley: Wait i forgot my @Aginor razzing … Just like a Cowboys fan to root for the Braves, what where they out of Yankee hats?

(disclaimer all razzing included is intended to be a good natured ribbing and not me being a mean jerk)


Unfortunately the Braves game today is a bit late for me.
I watched a bit of… Chicago vs. Texas.

Can anyone explain what this all means to me?
I get the thing in the upper right, the first number is balls, and the other one is strikes. But what does the yellow thing mean?


EDIT: And what is the bull pen everyone is talking about?

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So the yellow 7 is the inning. The down arrow means bottom of, in that the home team is batting. If this were the ninth, after a run itd be over. But it’s not.

The three diamonds are the bases. The dots outs. In this case you have a runner on third with two outs in the bottom of the seventh inning. P: 8 means Montgomery has thrown 8pitches.

The bullpen consists of all pitchers on a team who did not start the game, though typically they are only referring to relief pitchers (those who never or almost never start games). It is also the actual area where pitchers warm up before coming into the game.


Glad you got to watch a close game, and one with some runs. While low scoring affairs are exciting for afficionados such as myself, it can be boring for people just trying to get into it. Pitchers duels are classic though.

My Indians got rocked today sadly. Terrible play. Carrasco was not sharp and he paid. I’m a bit concerned about their offense. Lacking their superstar shortstop doesn’t help, but their yearly mvp candidate has been slow to start too, and the rest of the lineup… Ya I’m a little concerned. Hopefully they’ll turn it around.

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