Aginor's weird NFL thread


Aaron Rodgers is a wizard.


With all those injured guys the Packers don’t look too dangerous, but they really are dangerous it seems.
They will pose a serious threat to my Cowboys.
But hey, I like those guys and I am looking forward to the game very much. :slight_smile:



A lot of salt in San Diego the last couple of days, with good reason.


To me relocating teams is a very alien concept.
I understand those teams belong to one owner in most cases and he can basically do what he wants, but it is still strange.
In Germany I remember one or two Ice Hockey teams relocating and it was bad for the fans and the team’s identity.
Relocating a German soccer team is an almost impossible thought. I am not even sure anything like that happened at all. At least not more than a few km. Some of them have more than 120 years of tradition.
In American Football it isn’t that uncommon, but I still understand the fans’ reactions. Especially since LA has a team again with the Rams. Very weird.


Seahawks vs. Falcons started promising.
I really think that could become a great game. I wouldn’t bet on either team at the moment.


Yeah, I that it might be closer, but Atlanta got some key players return this week from injury. In fact ESPN said that two days this week was the first time this year that every Falcon had dressed for practice.

Anyway, very happy that we hired Dan Quinn. He seems like the real deal.


Baseball has teams that old, they still move :smiley: The Atlanta Braves are 145 years old (5 years older than the national league) and on their 3rd city. Oakland A’s 115 years old, also 3 different cities. Heck the Rams are one of the older NFL teams at 80 years old and they’ve been to Cleveland, LA, St. Louis and then back to LA again.

It’s at least theoretically possible that an amateur club in the most remote section of Germany can one day rise up to the Bundesliga. The NFL or well any leagues over here won’t let just anyone have a chance. But in case they change their minds one day, the Southeastern Granville County Mudcats will be ready and waiting :stuck_out_tongue:


Those dropped balls by the Texans last night will haunt them through the off season…


Yeah I was a bit disappointed by the Patriots to be honest. I know that defense was hard to crack but… dunno, I expected more. If the Texans hadn’t dropped those TD passes and/or BO had thrown one or two Interceptions less that would really have been a problem for Brady and the guys.
They will have to play better than that, the other teams can beat them.
EDIT: yes I corrected this post, I wrote some bullsh** before.

…and I am HYPED about today’s games. Dallas vs. Green Bay will be a monster game.
Sadly I won’t be able to watch Steelers vs Chiefs, another great game there.


Go Packers… :wink:


I love Rodgers. That guy is just great. But right now it seems that my exciting game gets less exciting because it is Green Bay only. My Cowboys are doing nothing right now.


Also worth mentioning:
What are the refs doing there? As a Cowboys fan I hate to admit it but there were at least to holdings by Claiborne that went unpunished.


My brother has the really big screen on.


Holy moly this is like cardio training!!


OK I’ll have a heart attack any moment.
What a game!
I don’t even care that much who wins it by now. Whoever wins deserves it and has my support. WOW!


Congratulations Green Bay!
What a game.


Yes, what a game! I know that Cowboy fans are dissapointed, but your team has come a long way and has a much clearer view of next year.

Now Packers at Falcons. Let’s see how the Pack handles the leading offense in the NFL. Should be epic.


After having slept some hours now I can say I am really proud of the Cowboys.
They did play an awful first quarter, with bad decisions, bad luck, and dumb penalties. I thought the game was over already.
But then they really gave Green Bay a run for their money. Without their absolute A game the Packers would have lost.
I am looking forward to the next season.

As for the rest of the Playoffs:
I don’t particularly dislike any of the teams. Perhaps my least favorite are the Patriots though. Perhaps because they are too dominant the last 20 years. They seem to always win and that brings a bit of an arrogance. If they play like champions I don’t mind them winning but I’d prefer one of the other teams. I like Green Bay most so I kinda hope they win. But hey, all of them worked hard to get there, and what I want to see most is good, close games with great plays. :slight_smile:


My weekly Falcons are still alive video :grin: