Aginor's weird NFL thread


Uniform of the day.


What the hell…
Is that even the same Green Bay team that beat the Cowboys?
Awesome game by Atlanta!


At this point as an Atlanta coach I would consider taking the A Offense off the field. Not risking injuries.


Poor Packers.
I have a soft spot for those guys, and this is just cruel. So many injuries, bad luck, and those Falcons are just too strong. Holy cow. Whoever meets then in the Super Bowl has quite a job before them.


I won’t relax until the clock reads 00:00. Rogers is a competitor until the end. Atlanta needs to keep the pressure up IMO. Don’t change the game plan.


Hehe, yeah. It is understandable from your point of view. Rodgers is great.


That’s it. Congrats Falcons!


Thank you @Aginor!! I can’t believe it. Ryan is MVP and played like it today. So proud of those guys. But Aaron Rogers has my respect big time. The Packers receivers were beat up and still fought hard in the second half. Now to see who we face. My brain says New England, but my heart is with Pittsburgh.


Same here. In my continued rooting for the underdogs I am pro Steelers today.
I won’t be able to watch the full game though as I have to go to work tomorrow, but I’ll watch the first half.


Love how the Falcons owner dances. That guy is 74 years old! :smile:


Dammit I hate the Patriots and love them.
Those plays are great to watch.
And by news first the Steelers, it seems Bell is out.


OK Bell is back but not running smoothly yet.
Hope he is OK.
I fear the Steelers won’t be able make it, the Patriots are in great shape.


We had a big storm and just lost power, so listening to the AFC championship old school AM/FM LOL. Wife is reading to the kids by flashlight.

Took a walk. A huge oak tree at the end of our street is laying across the main road. It took power out as far north as I can see. Hooked up a Yamaha generator to our freezer just in case the power is not on in an hour or so. At least the temps are very mild. No need to chop up the furniture for firewood yet :slight_smile:


Looking forward to watching the review tonight.
Seems the Patriots won by a fair margin.

Sooo, as expected it is Patriots vs. Falcons. Best offense vs. best defense, and a bit more different vice versa (4th vs 25th or so), but Atlanta’s defense improved over the last few games, especially the defensive backfield. Stopping Rodgers was not easy.
If they can keep the pressure on Brady and stop Edelman and Hogan they can prevent some scores. And their defense is good enough to make as many points as the Patriots to keep up.


Thread resurrected!
I just noticed we never talked about the Super Bowl. Well, meh. Patriots won again, despite being asleep in the first half, Brady is GOAT and we can move on.

So here we go again, the first 2017 preseason games are over and there are some news to talk about.

There were some promising drafts and trades, I wonder whether the Browns will be able to profit from their new QB for example.
Lynch is back, and a Raider now, and the Rams got Lance Dunbar, a speed RB from the Cowboys.
Deschaun Watson went to the Texans, the Cowboys picked a lot of defense guys.

Which Rookies / traded players are you excited about? How do you think will they affect your team?

Then the first preseason games happened. Some nice plays in there already!
Miami vs Atlanta was a cool game, but I was shocked about the Redskins performance against Baltimore. Man, that was dire.
Philadelphia vs. Green Bay… well I guess someone was in the mood for giving presents again. Green Bay seemed to like all the turnovers.

The game I watched last night (Giants vs. Steelers) was also strange. Well I guess thats what happwns if you let the new guys play QB. They are still learning after all.

Oh and then of course:
Zeke suspended, Tannehill out, Jay Cutler is back, and I have no idea if Cam Newton is in shape again.

Lots of interesting stuff might happen this season.
I hope that at least one of my favourite teams (Cardinals, Cowboys, Dolphins, Panthers) has a great season, but as always I am more looking forward to cool games, results are just the icing on the cake for me. :slight_smile:


Yeah, not a whole lot to be gleaned from preseason games. Invariably, the team who imerges undefeated will get their clocks cleaned in the regular season, and the teams with the worst records, usually are the hardest to beat. The front offices like to hype them to football starved fans, but don’t get your hopes up if your favorite team dominates its division rival. That doesn’t mean squat until they are for keeps.

Personally, I’m hoping for an improvement in the Falcons defense with their new DC.


Yeah…the Panthers can only improve from last year…lol…so there’s that.

My Eagles looked typically stellar and disastrous in the same game. Welcome to the emotional rollercoaster that is being an Eagles fan. Hoping that Wentz is the real deal…



Yeah the cool thing about the preseason games is that you can see all those rookies and other guys who are normally seldom seen because they are placed a bit deeper in the depth chart.
Of course it doesnt necessarily make the games Better, usually quite the opposite is the case, but often you can see what will happen if the starters are out for some reason, or see the potential for the future.


Oh and just out of curiosity…
…or because I am actually insane enough to buy a new console just for the Madden 18 game…
Should I get a PS4 or a PS4 pro? Is there a difference except the bigger hard disk on the pro? Ram, graphics or processor?
Xbox is out of the race because Microsoft.