Aginor's weird NFL thread

And finally a Cowboys win again in a Thanksgiving game, after three losses in a row.



Go Buckeye’s!
Muck Fichigan!

Jeez. Josh Allen is not to be messed with…

Today on German TV:

Titans @ Eagles
And later Chiefs @ Bengals

I will try to catch the Cowboys game, but my Internet has some stability problems these days so it might not work.


Couldn’t watch the Cowboys game as it was too late for me (started at 2AM in my time zone) but it seems they won, and by a lot.

Sure, the Colts suck this year, so that win is probably not that impressive, but I am still looking forward to watching the highlight video. :cowboy_hat_face:

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German TV shows the Eagles vs. NYG game today, I am watching the Cowboys stream.

Really a weird game by the Boys. Not much going right so far.

Looking at the stats, the only thing keeping Baltimore in this game is the 3 interceptions.

Rebuilding years are fun…

Oh dear. The Cowboys seem to feel the Holiday spirit a bit early, and giving gifts today. :smiley:


Phew. That was a close one, but a Cowboys win. :cowboy_hat_face:

Today on German TV:

Lions @ Jets
Bengals @ Bucs

I found a stream for the Cowboys @ Jags game.
Fun to watch so far!

Dolphins lost hearbreaker last night…and probably a playoff berth

Josh Allen is not to be messed with, he wasn’t about to have a repeat

That Colts Vikings game was :exploding_head:.

Matt Ryan has the unfortunate honor of being the QB that was part of a team losing a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl and now a 33-0 lead in a regular season game to the Vinings. Can’t blame Ryan for giving up 33+ points. Refs certainly helped along the way for sure and I’m just neutral on either team. :person_shrugging:

Yeah, that was a weird one.

As for the Cowboys: they lost in overtime. That was a really bad time to throw an INT, Dak! :grimacing: Great game by the Jags.

That Eagles @ Cowboys game is surprisingly fun so far, great plays on both sides.

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And the Cowboys win! :cowboy_hat_face:

Now, I am well aware that with Hurts and/or a bit less luck for the Boys this would probably have been an Eagles win. Just one less INT and the result would have been different.

And both teams are in the playoffs anyway, so this will probably not matter anyway. But it was sure nice to watch. :slight_smile:


That game was entertaining,

Me being a Philly fan however I had insulting words to say to the WR that allowed the Dallas player to literally take the ball from him not once, but TWICE after catching it… lol.

Yeah I really felt for the Philly fans durint some of those plays.

On the other side it was Lamb just dropping a perfect pass by Dak with nobody around. :smiley:

And another Dolphin season goes by…

Beginning of season: Tua’s not the answer
Middle of Season: Tua’s the answer
End of season: Tua’s not the answer

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I mean, He might have been the answer but the poor guy probably thinks he is playing cricket at this point.