Aginor's weird NFL thread


PS4 Pro will have a longer life. Wish that I had one. 4K games and HDR…


Ok I just found an article and it seems there is really quite a difference between them.
Now I have to ask myself: Do I want to spend ~450€ so I can play Madden 18?

… I don’t think so I guess. Probably hope that there will be a sale so I can get the PS4 pro a bit cheaper? Hmmmm…

On the other hand: my PS3 was supported by games very long. Good deal there.
…but then I don’t play that often.


Paging @Magnum50 - our resident console expert. Of course…he might be on his grand (moto)cycling tour already…!


Well, it seems the case is settled, because my wife surprised me with a PS4 pro today, and the preorder of Madden18! :slight_smile:


Once you get the feel of it…it’d be interesting to read how a season played by you goes! I wonder what team you’d pick :thinking:


Well in Madden17 I almost reached the Super Bowl with the Cowboys but lost to the Panthers after trying three times. (On the second of four difficulties. They kick my ass otherwise)
Fun fact: my playstyle would have fit Romo much better than Prescott but I chose Dak anyway because realism.


Watched some preseason action last night and I have to say that Eagles defense looked pretty good against the Bills!
As for the Dolphins vs the Ravens… ok they were obviously trying new stuff and new guys, and some of it looked good, but the Ravens were just better.

Some really nice plays in all of the games though.


Soooo… the season finally started!
Great game by the Chiefs against the Patriots. Looks like they fixed parts of their defense problems.


Today on German TV

  • Raiders vs. Titans
  • Seahawks vs. Packers

And Oakland started theit very first season game with an onside kick! Talk about surprises there!


The Packers game was interesting! Finally a good chance to explain some good defense plays to my wife because there were plenty. Those two defenses were awesome.
In the end Rodgers and his boys coped with it better so they won.

As for the other games: haven’t watched the review videos yet but Cowboys and Eagles (yay for our resident Eagles fan @Beachav8r !) both didn’t look too bad judging by the result. The Cowboys needed that win to get rid of their attitude, they were beaten twice by the Giants last season.

More fun facts: Ben Roethlisberger won more games in the Browns’ stadium than any Browns QB. WHAAAT!!! :smile:

Some huge wins this week.
Ravens destroyed Bengals, Panthers ravaged San Francisco, and the Rams apparently don’t like horseshoes because wow… that’s pretty brutal against Indianapolis.
Oh, and it turns out that Jaguars eat cattle. Who would have thought that they could beat the Texans? The latter ones proooobably wish back Brock Osweiler now!?


That’s amazing. Poor Browns fans.

The Ravens look scary.


Ravens have shown good defense and Flacco threw some nice passes as well.

Oh and about Green Bay and Seattle: their O-Lines were the problem. They have to solve that or they won’t get very far.


I was either sleeping or flying during that game…so I didn’t have a chance to watch it, but I did catch the 7-minute recap on YouTube without knowing who won… I was setting myself up for the typical disappointment, but they actually did pretty good there in the second half. They got to Cousins a lot.


Yeah it looked pretty good. Wentz gets better and better.

Oh btw I played the Cowboys game virtually. I took the risk and played it on the second difficulty level. Since the game is harder than the old one I really had to play well to make it.
I threw an INT in the first drive but managed to play the defense quite well keeping Eli and the Giants at bay.
I ended the game 26-12.
Also very interesting: that game is so good in simulating how everyone plays that the same plays work (or don’t work). When I watched the highlight video from the real game I was astonished to see the big plays on both offense and defense happening in similar ways than on the PS4.
Looking forward to play more games, very motivating. But I need practice.


Practised Madden18 a bit and played next week’s game: Cowboys vs. Broncos.
I ended up winning 20-17 in the last minute of the overtime courtesy of my good defense plays (including a forced fumble when the Broncos were very close to my end zone) but I failed a bit on offense. Running worked fine bit passing… only 80 passing yards and one interception (in the end zone) and no passing TDs.


Today on German TV:
Patriots vs. Saints
Cowboys vs. Broncos

First game was meh…

Hyped for the second one!


Too bad that the Packers/Falcons game is an evening start. Should be a good one.


Wow the Cowboys are playing really bad right now. Defense not too dire but what the hell is happening with the offense there???


Today on German TV:
Tampa Bay vs. Minnesota

Case Keenum seems to be in great shape! I didn’t think we would see him play ever again after his bad season with the Rams. I guess he knows that those games he plays now as a backup for the backup QB have to be great, then they might mean he stays in the league.


Also WTF is Miami doing???