Aginor's weird NFL thread

Skatezilla, would you still hate the Dolphins if Taylor loved Tua instead of Kelce?


I care not for who Taylor is using for her next 3 singles.


Oh, I just read that Hall of Famer Dick Butkus died, 80 years old.

That guy is such a legendary linebacker that I have heard of him although I have hardly any clue about that era of football. RIP.

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Watching Giants vs. Dolphins on German TV.

Won’t be able to watch the Cowboys game today (starts 02:00am in my time zone), but this will do.

Later Eagles @ Rams will be broadcasted, too.


Buffalo looked like they were still asleep…

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Maybe they were! Another team had that problem last year. They decided to fly to London the same day or the day before, while their opponents arrived two days before the game, and won.

Thought Dallas might be able to make it a defensive struggle, not so much. Also Dak did exactly what he’s been doing for seasons now, try to force plays, and get picked. 5-0, our season is looking great so far.

Yeah, the 49ers are great this season.
I had no big hopes for that game.

I’ll watch the (presumably painful for me) highlight video later.

Monday morning Dak/Cowboys memes are plentiful. :smile:

They did limit CMC, but forgot about everyone else.


Even as a Cowboys fan I had a bit of a (bitter) laugh.

Dak is the new Fitzmagic/-tragic. On a good day he can dodge tacklers, run and throw.
…but sadly he doesn’t have a lot of those good days.

not sure how I feel about the DAL/SF Game.

One one hand, it will silence the “Dak is better than everyone group”
On the other hand, 49er still troll and post about what ifs on last season’s play off loss.

If you want 98.6% Conversion on 3rd-1 and 4th-1, Look at Hurts :stuck_out_tongue:

I kinda expect that the NFL will backpaddle on the ‘helping the runner’ rule change (a few years ago) to prevent that from becoming the goto-play for all teams.
The play isn’t fun to watch, and it is pretty dangerous.

it’s not the goto play,

outside of Philly it has a 15% success rate this year.

You have to have an O-Line and a QB That can Squat 600lbs, Hurts doesn’t even need the push from the rear.

It might not be the goto play yet, but it is a copycat league. I expect that it will become more common.

Tonight on German TV:

Seattle @ Cincinnati
Lions @ Bucs

Cowboys game is too late for me again.


Miami Dolphins, 5-1 !!!

Philly next…


And thanks to the Brownies, the '72 Dolphins open another bottle of champagne to celebrate the NFL’s ONLY undefeated team.


I was in town and decided to catch a bite to eat at a Brewery and Burger joint and I caught a bit of the game over lunch… From the 30(ish) minutes I saw of the 2nd quarter it wasn’t the most exciting game?

Everyone went down to defeat fairly early in the season this year. :sunglasses:


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