Aginor's weird NFL thread


maybe if the steelers came out when then was supposed too they wouldnt be losing.


Hey @BeachAv8r did you have a heart attack? Great game against NY with that 61yd field goal!

Now watching Seattle vs. Tennessee.


Well you never know. Weird stuff happening these days…


That Bears game had some interesting moments lol


The Seahawks game is also interesting.
Change of pace in the second half.


the guy’s failed punt return for a TD… .hahaha


Today on German TV:
Saints vs. Dolphins (WTF… what happened there that game ended 20-0)
Also Panthers vs. Patriots right now
And later Raiders vs. Broncos

And since I am a crazy guy I am watching another game in a livestream at the same time, Rams vs. Cowboys.
Pretty high mental load with two games running on two monitors in different languages. :smiley:


Oh and just for laughs: I played that Cowboys game in Madden18 and it was a really tough one as that Rams defense stopped me well and Gurley was running well against my defense.
It ended with a overtime win for Dallas 20-23.

The game before it was pretty easy, I won against the Cardinals 27-10

Going to play the next one or two next week to see what happens.



The only thing that brings me greater joy than watching my Panthers beat the Patriots at home in Charlotte is watching my Panthers beat the Patriots in their own home.


In Madden that upcoming Packers @ Cowboys game was pretty tough, with me winning it just barely with a last minute field goal 20-17 Rodgers and Nelson made good plays there and I threw a pick6.

This week German TV will broadcast that Cowboys game and also Jaguars @ Steelers.
Looking forward to both of them since both are going to be fun to watch I think.


Good old David Letterman (who apparently has grown an epic beard) made a nice joke during the unveiling ceremony of Peyton Mannings Statue in Indianapolis:

What do Peyton and Eli have in common?

  • they have won the same amount of games this season! :smile:


Holy Bananas!
What is wrong with Big Ben??
5 interceptions???


Also Wentz!!
@BeachAV8R that guy makes you happy doesn’t he? :slight_smile:


Man, the Panthers really tried to lose in the last quarter there.


But they failed so they won! :smile:


Almost good enough against Rodgers. :frowning:


Indeed. One minute in Rodgers hands is like a quarter for other teams…


He’s protesting by not throwing completed passes.


And Eagles won again!
Now is your time to feel smug @BeachAV8R !

And I am going to make a prediction now:
Cowboys won’t lose this week!
…except lose Elliott that is… :frowning: