Aginor's weird NFL thread

Halftime was… nice I guess?

I am not a fan of that genre but even I knew some songs and the show was good. I mean: those guys and gals can dance. Even while roller skating apparently. I felt reasonably entertained.

But now I am looking forward to the second half. A lot of nice defense in the first, maybe some offense now in the second.

Oh come on! It is half past four in the night here and the SB goes into overtime.

Please, score a TD. Anyone. I am tired.


Don’t forget new OT rules, both teams get a possession. So no guarantee this is going be quick.

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Oh, right! Gah…

Man that would have to be one of the most nail biting games I have seen… let alone a Superbowl!

Congrats Chiefs, but my vote for MVP is McCaffrey.


And it is over.

Congrats Chiefs!

Good game by both teams though. Looking forward to seeing more of Mr. Purdy as well, in the future.

And with that the season ends, thanks for participating in the thread, I really enjoy talking about football with y’all!


McCaffrey (almost wrote McCafé there) had one hell of a game!


McCaffery is an amazing player.
Andy Reid won Yesss!


One extra point away from a a superbowl ring. Kudos to Patrick Mahomes he carried the chiefs down the stretch and won it in overtime.


The sudden death first who scores wins overtime rules were better. Was not a fan when they changed the rules and even less so now.

Actually not a fan is too mild. Despised, detested , abhorred, loathed combined still comes up shy but we’re getting closer…


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