Aginor's weird NFL thread


I hate the f***in Eagles, Man!


Dude? Off my taxi! :smiley:


Newton got greedy , tried to throw 40 yard bombs when he had 4 minutes left…


Oh no Aaron Rodgers is out for the rest of the season it seems.
The bad sportsman in me says "why not last game?"
But the good sportsman in me is sad because even though he keeps destroying the teams I like I love watching that guy, he is just awesome.
And I don’t see the Packers going anywhere without him.

Next game in German TV: Steelers @ Chiefs.
Ben Roethlisberger has the chance to redeem himself from that awful game he played last week.


…did that really just happen with the Chiefs and Steelers??


Yeah that was weird. First their backup Center made that stupid mistake causing a safety with his high snap, and then Antonio Brown has a brain fart and doesn’t catch the punt? LoL


And now the Steelers made a nice drive. Last week that just didn’t run the ball enough so they became too predictable. Seems they now fixed that.


I know it’s all in the past now but… shouldn’t that have had a flag? Common…


Yes. IMO it was unnecessary roughness. He hit him pretty late and really went through the whole tackle.


Today on German TV:
Rams vs. Cardinals
Cowboys vs. 49ers


The first two WTFs today:
Panthers 3 points??? Against Bears? What??
Also Cardinals seem to have a abysmal day. NO point yet, getting demolished by the Rams.


The Panthers beat themselves today, plain and simple. The Bears had what, 4 catches? Just awful game for Cam.


I predict that that the Patriots will destroy the Falcons tonight. Our defense and offense have been inconsistent, to say the least.


Dallas rolled over the 49ers. Not too shabby.

Now watching Broncos vs. Chargers


I think my brother is traveling up to Philly tomorrow night to catch the Redskins/Eagles game on MNF… Wish he had two tickets…


everyone’s gonna roll over the 'niners


Oh come on be fair.
They only lost 2 of their 7 games by more than a few points. Two games were even overtime and except against Dallas and Carolina a field goal would have been enough to win the game or at least be even with their opponent.
They are bad, but not THAT bad.


Eagles looking OK in this penalty-fest that is MNF…


Btw I played the DAL vs. SF game and it wasn’t as easy in Madden. Still won. 24-19

And I already played the next one.
Cowboys vs. Redskins 34-20
Cousins threw some great passes but they couldn’t stop my running game.

Turns out I am ~26th offense in the league in everything except running at which I am #4. I have to practice that deep passing. I always throw INTs when I try it.
At least my defense makes up for it.


because Madden, has perfectly absorbed every NFL Player’s Abilities perfectly… hmmm…

The Attribute Values of some players dont make any sense…