Aginor's weird NFL thread


In other news: YEEEHAAAW Cowboys!
Watching that review video now. Some great plays there!
Not the greatest defense it seems, but the offense, especially the running game, looks pretty good already. Some nice passes as well, I like how the guys make their plays even more variable.
I hope Dez Bryant is ok, he got a bad hit it seems.

Good news for the Seahawks as well: It seems Russell Wilson is ok. That knee looked worse than it was. Which is always nice of course. Health first. :slight_smile:

EDIT: And yeah, Charlotte is… dunno. From outside the US the whole situation probably looks worse than it actually is (you know, the media and so on), but man, I hope y’all get that stuff sorted out over there!


Also: LOL


Sooooo my copy of Madden17 for PS3 arrived. First impressions after finishing 3/4th of the training:

  • Pretty cool animations, and fun to play with those controls. Except kicking, which is meh.
  • Graphics are quite bad on PS3 compared to PS4 and Xbox. Was a bit of a shock after watching all those PS4 videos. Overall still nice and atmospheric so far.
  • I suck. Easiest setting and I keep throwing interceptions like Vinny Interceptaverde :smiley:
  • I am having fun.


  • I have to adjust those ratings. Dak is better than that.
  • maybe 60 bucks was too much for that game. But whatever.
  • I will learn sooo many football tactics and formations. :slight_smile:


Fun fact: They don’t explain some rules in Madden, they just expect you to know.
I confused a Kickoff for a Punt and kicked it out of bounds. LOL.

I won my first game (on ‘rookie’ against 49ers), Yay!

  • I played six minutes per quarter and it felt like the time was going by really quickly. Maybe I’ll play eight or ten minutes per quarter next time.
  • I was the home team, I love how the crowd was shouting “defense, defense!” at one point. :slight_smile:
  • I guess the commentators’ lines get a bit repetitive over some time, but I haven’t heard any repetitions yet and they do have some fun things to say.
  • really atmospheric and well done so far. I felt really good when Dez Bryant caught that long pass and I ran him some 30 yards more into the end zone.
  • I won 20:0 with two TDs and two FGs, intercepted the ball once and recovered a fumble once.
  • the 49ers got close to scoring twice, too.
  • I can say I would certainly have lost on a higher difficulty level. During every of my drives I had at least one situation in which I threw the ball and the defense had a perfect position to catch it, but dropped it. I assume that won’t be the case in the higher difficulty levels. So I have to work on that before advancing.
  • I fail to “read” both the defense and offense of my opponents quite often. Which results in those interceptions I guess.


Because Madden doesn’t include the 20 minutes of commercial breaks per quarter. :wink:


Wow, best I can do now is Playing TV Sport Football on Steam with my excellent Cinemaware collection! :smiley:


Haha, right!
It does contain ads though. Not many and quite subtle, so OK for me. I saw at least Gatorade and something else, and once the commentator said I should probably have a Snickers during the break. That was funny.


Not a fan of the Cowboys but the cheerleader outfits are none too shabby.





I did some… further research on that cheerleader thing, and - yes, I may be a bit biased for my favourite teams, like everyone else - to me it looks like the Cowboys’ girls are really pretty nice. I like their outfits with the boots and the tiny leather vests.

Also very nice looking: Broncos, Colts (in some pictures they have chaps with fringes, which look really nice) and… well, actually most of them look pretty good. I like the more original ones better than the others though, some of them look a bit uninspired, like some bikini with the logo on it and that’s it.

In other news: I switched Madden 17 difficulty to “pro” and managed to win against the Jaguars with 14:10 despite being 10 points behind in the first half because it took me so long to figure out why I was throwing that many bad passes. I lobbed the ball instead of throwing bullet passes (tapped the button instead of holding it), so it was easy for the LBs, SSs and CBs to run between the ball and my receivers.


Dammit. The Giants beat me 38:35
Welp. I guess I should throw one interception less next time.


Well…look at the positives…you won’t get doused with cold Gatorade. So there’s that.


You forgot the Panthers cheerleaders (Carolina girls, best in the world, as the song goes)

One I went to high school with. In her day job, she’s a sex therapist:


Even in Madden, it’s embarrassing to lose to them. :wink:


George Allen could have done with getting doused one less time.



Meanwhile I have won a few more games, against the Redskins and Dolphins. Lost against Seahawks and Texans though. Very tough defenses there.

Back in the real life I am watching Jaguars vs. Colts on TV right now. I almost made it to watch it live in London, but it didn’t work out.


Nice game.
Now watching Falcons vs. Panthers and holy cow!
That Falcons offense looks damn good right now.


That was also an exciting game.
I hope Cam Newton is OK. Even though it was his fault IMO and he did not play too well today.

Now watching Saints vs. Chargers. Two teams with their backs against the wall. I like their pass play. Not sure about the defenses yet, Chargers look better there though.


Why in the world did he pull up like that expecting to waltz into the end-zone. He got decimated on that play because he didn’t finish it… Nuts. When they were down 8 I thought they had some life in them…that interception (well, both)…sealed their fate. It was a lot closer game than the ending score showed for sure.

My team (Eagles) had a bye this week…so sitting around watching and grilling out probably…


I love those bullet passes Rivers throws. What an arm!