Aginor's weird NFL thread


Falcons v Bengals has been quite the shoot out. @chipwich must be on an emotional rollercoaster. Welcome to what it feels like to be an Eagles fan…


Ha-ha. Spot on. My life is stressful enough, but somehow I come back for more.


Watching the Eagles game now. I hate OT.


I’m going to take a bat out back and beat the earth.


A typical Eagles Sunday. Ugh.


Sorry man!
Edit @same for you @chipwich


Still a chance. But they are knocking on the door.


And there ya’ have it.


Well, the Dolphins are back to normal.


Now watching 49ers @ LAC


Seeing my Browns score this many points in a game let alone 3 quarters is a completely new experience for me.


The ultimate underdog feeling!


…and the Browns are in the lead!


The overturned first down was a completely B.S. call.


Holy crap, does Pittsburgh know there’s a game today?


Hey y’all!
Can anyone recommend a good app or website to get an overview over college football games?
I’d like to plan which ones could be interesting to watch.


ESPN College Football page is pretty good. Follow links to Scores, Standings, and Rankings. Live game widgets and if you have a subscription to a streaming provider, links to watch the games with 3 different camera/commentator views. Rivals has good recruiting info as well, but is add heavy. If you are following a particular team, YouTube has innumerable vlogs dedicated to your favorites. The pre and post game interviews are pretty entertaining as well.


I installed the ESPN app and it even shows the game start times in my time zone.

Any recommendations on games to watch today at ~12:00h
I might try and find a stream for Texas vs. Oklahoma as those two seem to be relatively equal.
Alabama vs. Arkansas looks like it could be a little one sided.


That was a cool game!
Texas 48 - Oklahoma 45


Today on German TV:
Falcons vs. Steelers