Aginor's weird NFL thread


I’m at that game! Behind the Falcons bench, halfway up the lower level.

Ben is having a very, very bad day. Brown is probably having words with him in the locker room right now.


Glad that he is not having a good day :smile: m at the beach with kids trying to avoid watching the inevitable pummeling of the Falcons defense.


Yeah, he got better. I’ll leave it at that…


Yeah… the Falcons are basically going nowhere.


Also in the WTF category:

  • Dolphins get a beating
  • Jaguars turnover machine. Bortles even threw an INT by hitting his own o-liner in the head with the ball…
  • Browns go into OT - again. With only nine points?
  • Lions beat Packers?
  • Jets beat Broncos???


Up next:
Rams vs. Seahawks
Unfortunately I will have to go to bed too soon to watch the end of the game tonight. But I will watch a bit of it.


Browns win! :smiley:


Holy crap the Browns won…


Holy comedy of errors in this Eagles - Vikings game.


Cowboys lost again.
In fact that whole division is… pretty bad.
Everyone but the Redskins has a negative record.
And as they will play against the Saints next I guess they will have 2-2 soon.


Man the Eagles really don’t have luck this season.
Now they also lost their RB.


Watching College football again, today it is Washington vs. Oregon


Ohio State with the win, but their defense is not doing them any favors at the moment.


That Washington vs. Oregon game was the first college game I saw that went into OT.
Interesting and fun.
I admit I don’t like the NFL overtime rule that much, this is much quicker.


Today on German TV:
Seahawks vs. Raiders in London
Also Rams vs. Broncos. That could be a fun game.


Did y’all see that catch by Funchess? Wow!

Also: Raiders are getting destroyed by the Seahawks. Holy crap two plays in the second half, two sacks and a turnover.


Remember the Helmet catch of David Tyree?
JuJu Smith Schuster just did something similar.
…but it wasn’t his own helmet but the one of the defender!!


The Miami Dolphins will surely give me a heart attack one day.

Local tv began coverage while in OT with the Phins marching down the field. Frank Gore just rushed for 100 yds in the game with the ball on the 1yd line. Phins hand off AND FUMBLE with Chicago recovering…

TV coverage ends due to some BS nfl rule…

Just found out the Phins won!!!


Yeah they made it.

Cowboys also look good right now against the Jags.
Panthers didn’t make it though.

And the Browns lost, too.


Watching Michigan vs. Michigan St. right now.