Aginor's weird NFL thread


Weather delay because of lightning.
Now watching Illinois vs. Wisconsin, in a blizzard it seems. :smile:


Just watched a bit of Northwestern vs Rutgers on that stream while waiting, and had a good laugh, I instantly recognized the voice of the commentator, Brandon Gaudin. He commented so many of my games in Madden. :smiley:


Another fun fact:
Last week my wife walked in to look at the game as well, and when she heard that marching band playing some popular tunes it seems, her first reaction was:
“Is that Guggenmusik???”
First I laughed but then I listened a bit more and indeed the way those bands play has a lot in common with a special type of southwestern German carnival music:


Today on German TV:
Titans vs. Chargers in London


Can the Browns get it together for another win or will it be another beat down like last week against the Chargers?


I think they have a fair chance!


Panthers vs. Eagles. I’m sorry we have to do this to you Cam… Alright @Navynuke99 - how about a bet for the first round of drinks when we meet up again?


Next game:
Patriots vs. Bears


That fumble!! Ahahaha hilarious!


But that second fumble was ugly. Ouch!
Poor guy, I hope he isn’t injured too severely.


Oh man…two consecutive false starts takes Carolina out of FG range. That’s bone-headed…


C’mon Chicago…!


…and the Dolphins have Brock Osweiler.
They’re doomed.


Wow…the Eagles checked out of this game in the second half…!


Congrats Carolina. 17-0 at the half and the Eagles just totally collapsed. How embarrassing.


And the Browns went into Overtime again!


Now watching Dallas vs. Washington
and Saints vs. Ravens in parallel.


The end of that Browns / Bucs game…LOL…59 yard FG after those other misses… REDEMPTION!


And sadness…


Yeah. 4th OT this season and lost again.

Meanwhile the Cowboys are swallowed up by the Washington defense.