Aginor's weird NFL thread


Chargers WTF???
A few turnovers too many. Saints made it.

Also Yeeehaw Cowboys!
Dak Prescott with new record. Rookie with 113 attempts without throwing an Interception.




Oh and I just noticed I watched a total of eleven hours of Football today.
Now it is 2 AM and I am going to bed.


Yeah, I think Julio Jones is finally completely healed. He and Matt Ryan set both club and NFL records today. I kept waiting the the Falcons to collapse in the 4th quarter as per their usual behavior. But they hung in there and beat our division rivals for a change.


So the Cubs won?

“Hey batter, batter, batter, batter, batter, swing, batter!”


This one’s for the Falcon fans:

Also WTF what did the Steelers do to the Chiefs?! Is it coincidence that they beat two teams with native american symbology in a row? Noone knows! If they play like that they will steamroll over the Jets next week.
Of course this will prompt a picture.

Bears managed to beat the lions with just a field goal. Not many points scored in that game.

Looking forward to all the review videos again. :slight_smile:


Here are the pictures for week 3


…and week 4


Yay Football!

Today on German TV:
Patriots vs Browns
Cowboys vs. Bengals

And DAMMIT I have to get up tomorrow earlier than normal so I can’t watch as much as I want to…


So sorry to hear that lol


Falcons 13 Broncos 3 at the half.


OK, I’m going to try my best to remain calm and keep a healthy amount of skepticism, but it’s hard not to feel pretty good about the Falcons. They’ve beaten both Superbowl teams from last year, and leading the league in scoring. A road game at Seattle next week will determine if they can perform in a hostile environment :smiley: Time to take on the 12th man.


Painful day for an Eagles fan. That fumble. Oh…that fumble…


It’s like denting your new car. You dread the first one, but once it’s there you can relax the sphincter a little :smiley:


Against my better judgement I remained awake for three quarters of the Cowboys game, and WOW, that was worth it.
I missed the scoring drives by the Bengals, and went to work being VERY tired, but that’s ok.

I was very impressed by the Cowboys’ rookie pair Prescott/Elliott. So much fun seeing a nice running game and some sweet bullet passes flying around.
Defense also played well.

As for the other games: I will watch the reviews tonight, sounds like there were some quite interesting games last night.
When I read about the Eagles’ game I instantly thought "Oh no, poor @BeachAV8R ", but at the same time I was a bit aroused because that means Dallas now leads the division.

…and that, gentleman, is why this thread isn’t called “Aginor’s quite normal NFL thread” :smiley:


Dallas leading the division is arousing? Oh my. I’m thinking this is a translation to English hehe. Or maybe not! Bow chicka…


No, no you got that right. No translation error here.
I like the Cowboys very much. :slight_smile:

…originally I wanted to post something now, but the “no more NSFW” topic prevents me from that. :smiley:


Ok, so a few hours ago I read that the Cowboys really announced that as soon as Tony Romo has recovered from his back injury he will be starting QB again for Dallas.
…I dunno. I do understand he is a superstar, and he is good, and Dak Prescott probably knew this was going to happen all along.
But I think it was a bad time to announce that. If I was a rookie player that broke records (he still hasn’t thrown an interception for example. A rookie with 155 passes, a few TDs and no interception? Wow.) and generally played very well, I would feel really bad now for the last two weeks I’d be playing. They are basically saying that regardless of how good he is, he will sit on the sideline for the rest of the season unless something bad happens to Romo again.

I mean: He is still young and will probably become starter, and Tony Romo is 36 and has a really bad injury record. So probably he will play some two more years and that’s it. But hey, that’s tough for a young man who has already been called things like “a new Russell Wilson”.
I think they should have waited another two weeks. And I really think they should let him play more. The skill he is showing is very promising, I hope they don’t smother that evolution by not letting him play.


I think it’s really bad idea for them. We (Patriots) went through this in 2001 when Bledsoe got hurt and Brady took over. We didn’t give him his job back and even when he came back in when Brady got hurt Bledsoe came back out the next game.

The real problem for the Cowboys is this: What if Romo doesn’t play well? Instant QB controversy.If you stay with Dak (as we did with Brady) you can always put Romo in if he has a bad stretch. They will have a very hard time if they give the ball back to Romo right away and he throws a couple of picks.

Sometimes when your 36 year old QB gets hurt in a preseason game it means it is time to move on.


Another funny thing I stumbled upon while watching review videos:
That QB who stood behind the wrong guy. Hilarious! I’ve seen missed snaps, but I have never seen that before.

Ah, found it. It was Bills QB Tyrod Taylor.