Aginor's weird NFL thread


Yeah, I’m actually amazed the whole Cowboys vs. Indians (Redskins) playing on Thanksgiving Day has held up given the team name, logo, and holiday. As for the Eagles…we are going to need a heck of a last portion of the season to make something of this year.


The good news is: all the teams in the division are pretty mediocre right now.
And the Redskins just lost their QB.

So apart from the Giants all teams in the division still have a chance to win the division title.


While the name Redskins might sound racist, I believe that fierce warrior is more imagined by fans than a negative connotation. There is some evidence of Native American support.

Not a Gators fan, but they did invent the drink, not to mention if you live in FL, you will at some point most likely interface with an alligator.


Yeah I know, I gave irony a try but it seems I failed.


Why no love for Wolverines?
It was good enough for Patrick Swayze and the freedom fighters in Red Dawn. :innocent:



@Aginor the only thing you need to go by are the coolest helmets in all of football.



Yeah, Wolverines are fascinating animals. No wonder they were an inspiration for Marvel and that team.
Fun fact: Hugh Jackman didn’t know what a wolverine was until he was already cast as Wolverine. :smiley:
Fun fact two: the German name for the Wolverine is “Vielfraß” and that literally means “glutton”. It makes it sound way less scary and a lot funnier than it is.


Watching the Thanksgiving game.
Go Cowboys!




Cowboys got the win even if you couldn’t bring yourself to break down and give them your support.



Heheh… Same in Italy… “Ghiottone”.


Kept thinking today was Sunday and I was going to check the scores of all today’s games. 243





I am a bit sad that I cannot watch College Football today, looks like there are some really interesting games.


Why is it so hard to watch the NC State - UNC game while in Oklahoma?


Smog from all those crypto miners.


I know there are more important things in life than the Ohio State Buckeye’s beating the ever lovin dog crap out of michigan…
…but it’s in my top 5.

Go Bucks! 62-39


Today on German TV:
Seahawks vs. Panthers


Holy crap the Browns are destroying the Bengals right now!


Not so much in the 2nd :frowning: