Aginor's weird NFL thread


Now watching Steelers vs. Broncos.


Eagles squeaked by in that one. And what a disappointment for Carolina… :frowning:


Panther’s really needed that game. Hate it when it comes down to kickers.


Today on German TV:
Ravens vs. Falcons
And then
Vikings vs. Patriots

And that Cowboys vs. Saints game on Thursday was awesome. Kinda sad that I couldn’t watch it live.


Man it is hard to hate Tom Brady when you see that old man smiling like a little boy because of his 1000 career rushing yards. Only took him 19 years!


…oh…it’s not that hard. :sunglasses:


and hey, Miami Dolphins won today. Just saying.


I’ll second that. It’s quite easy- just don’t be from New England.


What’s their record this season?



Holy crap, this game has more endings than Return of the King.


6/6 right now.


GO Eagles! (At least tonight. If the Redskins lose this one they will be less of a threat to my Cowboys when it comes to winning the division)


Thanks. :slight_smile:
Sounds like a typical Miami season since the end of the Shula era.



Going to a fellow pilot’s house to catch his annual Army/Navy bash. Since my old man was 23 years Army…I obviously root for them. The lone beacon of restraint and intelligence in a room full of Annapolis ring knockers… :rofl:

Sadly, no beer for me since I’m on call today… :worried:


Sounds like fun!

I’ll see, maybe I can watch a game of college football later. I have a messed up weekend. Worked twelve hours on Friday and another ten today (I usually don’t work on Saturdays at all).
And Sunday will also be a work day for me this week, so I might even miss the Cowboys game.

Not looking forward to this.


I’m retired Navy and my son is active duty Army, so always a “fun” day…but I’m watching the Villanova (alma mater) vs St Joseph’s basketball game today. :sunglasses:


Nice opening drive by Army.


What a defensive battle.
Both offenses were… not that great. But nice plays on the defensive side by both teams.


So I need (obviously) the Eagles to beat Dallas today, and the Giants to beat Washington to help the Eagles move up a bit in the division. It would be tough to imagine a scenario where the Eagles could get a wildcard berth if they lose this game today.


Agree with the Giants vs. Washington wish result. :wink: :smiley: