Aginor's weird NFL thread


Good luck. Your Dallas team is finding their form here in the second half of the season!


Power keeps going on/off due to heavy wet snow we got.
I’m sure it will completely go out as the Dolphins are about to kick game winning FG against Patriots…


Go Dolphins! :slight_smile:


Awww dammit hotel wifi doesn’t allow me to watch live streams. (I can watch 30 seconds and then wait two minutes, rinse and repeat)
German TV is broadcasting Ravens vs. Chiefs and later Cowboys vs. Eagles.

Grrr… I hate being on business trips over the weekend.


Seems like the Giants are crushing the Redskins right now!

Transitioned from the legal German TV stream to a low quality…uhmm… other steam. That one works a lot better.
Man I am happy that I have that option.

Also: did the Cowboys break the Saints? Suddenly the Saints get under pressure by Tampa Bay!?

Also: Browns give Carolina a run for their money it seems. Baker Mayfield is a talented dude.

OMG The Dolphins won against New England!!!
And so did the Browns against Carolina!!


Great win by the Dolphins over patriots!!!
(all I can say is watch the winning touchdown)


Oh man, even as a Dallas fan I have to say that decision by the refs on the first play is puzzling for me. To me it was clearly a fumble recovered by Philadelphia.


Yeah. That was pretty horrible. That would have been a huge turnover to start the game.


How in the heck did that happen?
Did the Patriots first string sit out the entire game?



Both defenses work pretty well.
Offenses… not so much.
I am sad that I cannot watch the second half as I have to get up early tomorrow.


Yeah. At this point I’ll take 6-0 at the half for how poorly the Eagles have played. Some really bad offensive play calling.


There, you got it!
62 yard field goal!


Another Browns win this season. This is unreal…and I’m loving it.


Mmm…win for Dallas in a hard fought game. Shame the officiating was so terrible and that first play really made a difference. Bummer. Too bad the Eagles defense couldn’t play offense too…because the offense was terrible.


Nice knowing you Aginor. I’m sure Beach is banning you as I type.
What a game!!!


Haha…@Aginor is safe - now if he pushes for collective, that is two major character flaws…and I’d have to reconsider… :wink:


Well… :smiley:


Oh dear, poor Eagles. Wentz broke a vertebra. :frowning:


Really? Wow.


Wentz? Das ist ein Deustche name? Nein?