Aginor's weird NFL thread


Ja. :slight_smile:
It is a common name, especially in south-western Germany.


Ok someone has to explain to me:

I don’t know a lot about college football, but I thought winning the Heisman trophy was kind of a big deal as it pretty much is a guaranteed early round pick in the NFL draft.

So you can understand that I was a bit surprised to hear that the Heisman winner doeskt even want to play in the NFL?!

What’s happening there?

  • why didn’t he say that earlier?
  • Would it have changed anything?
  • I guess I understand that he likes Baseball better? Although he plays Football on college?
  • has that happened before? Is it common?
  • Do baseball players earn more money?

Please explain.


Yeah… Winning the Heisman has in a lot of ways become like winning American Idol. Yeah, you get an award and stuff, but it doesn’t necessarily equate to success in the NFL.

That, and several times in both contests, the eventual winning choices leave a lot of people scratching their heads (refer to my previous rant about how rankings are determined in the College Bowl Series)

Let’s look at some recent past winners:
Tim Tebow
Johnny Manziel
Jameis Winston
Matt Leinart
Chris Weinke (Thats a name you don’t mention in Charlotte, BTW)

Also, with regards to football versus baseball, MLB isnt having the same issues with TBI’s and concussions, among other scandals and controversies. Not to mention is just overall a lot easier on an athlete’s body than football, even as a QB (a position that is getting more and mote physical in recent years, and he’s a bit on the small side for the league).




A solid win by the Brownies last night!
Could swear I heard an announcer say the Brown’s are still in the playoff hunt, but I must have been drinking.

Go Phins!


They need a lot of help to get there (playoffs).


If I see that correctly the Browns are #16 of the NFL right now!
Previously they hadn’t won against the Broncos since 1990!

Today on German TV:
Cowboys vs. Colts
Patriots vs. Steelers


What a bad start for Dallas.
I have a bad feeling about this game…


I can’t even count how many teams I have to root against in order to make progress for the Eagles… LOL… That’s a sad position to be in. :roll_eyes: And the Rams…ugh…this could be bad.


What. The. F****. Just happened?


Steelers v Pats is looking pretty intriguing right now.


Rooney’s out in the parking lot right now holding place kicking try-outs



I think Boswell is really the worst kicker in the NFL right now. Poor guy, imagine the pressure.


Few things make me happier than that look of disappointment on Brady’s face. Especially after he’s been sat down.

Great defensive win for the Steelers there.


And Boswell kicked the “game winning FG” so his job might be a liiiiittle more secure right now.


“Few things make me happier than that look of disappointment on Brady’s face.”

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus


Yea we’ll see how Cam does tomorrow night.


My Eagles how to get from A to Z spreadsheet via B G M P T says I have to root against the Panthers I think. I might have to check some math though. Oh…and there is that small manner of practically winning out…


The Eagles. What a weird game.


Between his shoulder injury, Olson being likely done fpr good, whatever is going on with Funchess, and the fact that McCaffrey is constantly one play away from serious injury, I think we can all agree the Panthers are honestly done for the season.