Aginor's weird NFL thread


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Will Miami be able to even up their record to 8 and 8?



:crystal_ball: Ask again later


After the game is finished?



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After the game is finished?



:crystal_ball: Outlook not so good


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For ever getting an answer?



:crystal_ball: It is certain


Man that Cowboys defense is hot.
I hope they can continue that in the playoffs.
And the offense has to ramp it up a bit.
Prescott has a great completion percentage but that’s pretty much it.


It’s really nice of the Saints to let us finish the season with one last win, so we don’t finish 6-10.


What a game to end the regular season!
The Giants really played well, but Dallas won. Awesome TD catch by Beasley in the end.

I’ll be honest: I don’t think the Cowboys will make it to the Super Bowl, but I am still thrilled for the playoffs.

Next up on German TV:
Eagles vs. Redskins
Bears vs. Vikings


Go Browns


Y’all should become Dolphin fans. It’s the most relaxing thing.

I can now watch the playoffs and Superbowl, and I don’t care who wins.
I don’t get stressed, lose sleep, nothing.

In fact, I’m sure being a Dolphin’s fan has added years to my life just due
to them sucking for sooo long.


In fact I do kinda like the Dolphins, and my wife likes them too. They are our favorite team in the AFC.
Too bad they aren’t that much fun to watch lately. :frowning:


WOO! What an end to that Steelers game!


The Cleveland Browns!!! What a game they made against the Ravens. WoW!

Mayfield is such a competitor, he has turned that team around. Be fun to watch next year!


Nice Dallas win there! What was going on with Manning and that play calling in the last two minutes…that was straight up awful. I was actually surprised at how many and how long Dallas kept starters in…but Dallas/Giants is a big rivalry, just like Eagles/Redskins. I was watching the Eagles game on the big screen and the Vikings/Bears game on another. I was more worried that the Bears would pull their starters as the Rams/49ers game started to get lopsided. Thank goodness the Bears came through for us. I thought it was funny that the Eagles players called the Bears players last week and told them to play hard so they’d get the opportunity to block Fletcher Cox in the playoff. :rofl:

Anyway - see you all in the playoffs…


First time I have not wanted the Browns season to just end immediately in I don’t know how long :slight_smile:


The Browns really put up a big fight!
If Mayfield can continue playing like that he has definitely a future in the league.

All the games I saw today were great to watch actually.


Get ready for next weekend. Wildcard Weekend in the NFL is imho better than the superbowl.
Gonna be fun!