Aginor's weird NFL thread


Sooo… the Chargers beat the Broncos, huh?
I can’t help but grin a bit here. Because SO many Broncos fans are only on board because they win often.
What was the word for people who follow a team because they win, to be on the winner side? I thought I once heard a special word for that. “Road fan” or something like that?

Ah, it was “fair weather fan” or “bandwagon fan”.
I mean: It is hard to distinguish between those, and those who like to see a team because they play well (so they are fun to watch). But to me it seems many people walking around with Broncos or Seahawks caps here are just such bandwagon fans.

Same goes for Patriots btw. At least here in Germany where we aren’t too connected to local NFL teams because there are none.


This is true in every sport. During the Jordan years there were Bulls fans everywhere. You find Manchester United fans everywhere you go in the world. The same has always been true of the Cowboys.

It’s tough to follow a team that loses a lot. When fans dedicate time in their lives to follow a team they want a return on their investment.


Yeah, I understand that, I think.
Looking at the real football here in Germany it seems that many people support their local team even if it is really bad, but pick an additional team to be fan of that actually wins often, it it isn’t a big rival.
So a Karlsruhe fan might also like Schalke 04, BVB Dortmund or even Bayern München, but probably not Cottbus.

But… looking at the statistics the Cowboys weren’t even that good in recent years (except 2014). How could they possibly still have bandwagon fans? Are those 80s/90s guys like me?

…wow now you made me wonder if I am actually a bandwagon fan myself… Partly maybe. AFAIK I picked them because of their logo, but I probably also picked them because I saw more of their games on TV, just because they reached the playoffs regularly.

Oh no, self doubt! My old enemy! Quick, where’s the Bourbon?!


Well lets be clear about this - you didn’t pick the Cleveland Browns to root for from afar…


I didn’t pick them because their helmets are ugly.
EDIT: And why would anyone pick a color for their team name? That’s lame.

I wonder if their fans go to the stadium ironically?

Is it allowed to drink in US stadiums?

Or is it just a “nothing to lose” attitude?


They are actually named for thier first owner - Paul Brown.

Naming your team after yourself is the American dream!


First coach/ co founder… also helped start the Bengals


Wow! Actually I didn’t get that until now. I always thought it had maybe something to do with some obscure word for a job title, since almost everyone else has either a job title or an animal name.

…I am trying to decide whether the truth is actually even more lame than the color. That’s really a very American thing I guess. But since we are talking about the Browns it kinda fits. :smiley:


Thank you! Knew he was involved in the naming somehow…


I’d like to come back to one of my earlier questions because I really don’t know:

Is it allowed to drink in NFL stadiums? So are there people selling beer or something?
Or is it allowed to bring stuff?


Yes beer is sold in the stadiums, people also party before the games in the parking lots around the stadiums.

and to be fair to the Browns they have had their good seasons too… just not lately…


Ok, but… wait. Isn’t drinking in public illegal in the US?


They only party a little

I’m not a lawyer so this is the best I can do lol


Ah OK that makes sense. It is just private property basically.
Like if I was drinking on my own driveway.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


For example - in Foxboro, where the Patriots stadium is, there are police walking up and down the streets on the edge of the parking lots. You can walk around the parking lot with a beer in your hand because that is Patriots property, but you cannot leave the parking lot with it and walk down the street.

At Fenway park the Red Sox (baseball) pay the city of Boston for the right to block off the street next to the stadium so that fans can walk around and drink there. When they are not playing it is a normal street like any other.


Today on German TV:
Eagles vs. Redskins
Seahawks vs. Falcons

Looking forward to it very much!


Awww Eagles didn’t have a good game. I had expected a bit more from Wentz. Not sure what went wrong there.

Now Atlanta at Seattle. First half no point for the league’s best offense! Legion of Boom works!


Seattle made it. Barely though!

And yay for Dallas! But Prescott ended his series of no Interceptions. Not before breaking Tom Brady’s record though!

Oh and does anyone know why the Packers have those boring uniforms and helmets all of a sudden?


Sigh… There’s always next year…


Was difficult to watch.