Aginor's weird NFL thread


Unfortunately quoted for truth…chipwich

Blitz Brady! Blitz Brady. Blitz Brady… even the Dolphins did that (on rare occasion) with good results.


Cue the hate…

Never mind. Edelman doing everything he can to start his golf season


Well, we got us a game now folks. I hope that @Aginor didn’t go to bed yet. :smile:


Congrats Patriots. Well played.


I lost it when they whiffed Brady’s head with a hand and drew the roughing the passer. And how bad do you feel on the ride home when you, your team, and your city aren’t going to the Super Bowl because you lined up offside…? Wow…


Unfortunately I did, after the first half. :smiley:

Well… I had hoped for Chiefs vs. Rams in the Super Bowl but I guess Patriots vs. Rams will do.


I haven’t been able to bring myself to root for the Lambs since they moved to St. Louis and the fact they moved back will not get me to change. Personally I would be fine if Los Angeles still didn’t have ANY NFL teams.



Maybe the Cubs will win the Super Bowl…



With a 111 year World Series dry streak the Cubs probably have a better shot at winning the Superbowl. wounded



Didn’t they win the World Series a year or two ago?


Yeah, 2016.
I only know this because it apparently was a running gag like saying “Browns win the Super Bowl” (meaning “Hell freezes over before that happens”) so when the German NFL experts talked about Super Bowl candidates they picked that up as an example that it might just happen.


Not according to Google last night! Today, after the system quit laughing it correctly let me know the Cubs won the World Series in 2016. I am surprised I forgot since they played the Indians in the Series that year.



Well, my Dad asked “Alexa” last night who was going to win the Super Bowl…there was a funny response…try it if you have one of those Amazon overlords…


I am pretty sure the winner will be a football team!
More specific: An American Football Team
More specific: A team of the National Football League
More specific (sorry it might hurt): A team that hasn’t won the Super Bowl last year
More specific: One of the teams that made the playoffs!
More specific: A team that has won its conference!
More specific: The Patriots or the Rams!
More specific: The team that scores more points!



I heard that today there is a Football game that is kind of a big deal?!
Anyone who watches it?

Ok joke aside, even German newspapers have special ads and articles (many of them explaining football rules in a short way because many people don’t know Football here but will still watch that one game).

So yeah, looking forward to the game (and hopefully a good halftime show as well).


At this point, I’m really only into it for the commercials. Who’s playing halftime again?



I wonder if I can find a livestream of someone playing the Saints vs. the Chiefs on Madden and I can watch that instead of the Superbowl?

I’m still salty about it…


Well there is always this to fall back on.



Maroon 5 and some rapper I don’t know.