Aginor's weird NFL thread


You a Cleveland fan? lol


Panthers. And NC State. I’m used to heartbreak, but still, it’s been a rough weekend.


You know, I also have some sympathy for the Panthers, I kinda like them because of their play style (or what WAS their play style, last season).
I really don’t know what happened to those guys. Are they trying to beat the Browns for worst season record or something?

Looking forward to watching the review videos now, Bills vs. 49ers result looks like it was a slaughterfest.


Well, with those credentials…you could come join the Eagles club anytime. The uniforms might be slightly different, but the disappointment is very similar…


Aw, come on, the Eagles still have a chance to reach the playoffs if the Cowboys switch QBs and start losing games.

…although to be honest I don’t expect the Eagles to win against Vikings (week 7), week 10 (Falcons), or Seahawks (week 11).
They have a good chance of winning the other games though. They are not playing that bad. They just had a bit of bad luck against the Redskins this time.

In week 8 the epic battle Eagles vs. Cowboys will split us apart @BeachAV8R, OMG!!

Oh, and week 9 Cowboys vs. Browns. I hope they don’t make fools out of themselves. :open_mouth: :smiley:


The Dolphins have been mediocre for the last 30 years. Considering how they started their NFL tenure that is pretty tough to take as a long time Dolphins fan.



Last Sunday:


Best one yet


I am pretty happy with it as well. It looks dynamic. I picked up the 49ers wall theme from the rams vs. 49ers one, but this time it was shattered. :slight_smile:


I made the Vikings fly into Philadelphia on this charter aircraft…


Woot…! I’m sending the Vikings home in this…! Have a great flight Sam and company…


Some nice games yesterday!
The Eagles managed to win somehow. The two teams seemed to be competing who can cause more turnovers though. :smiley:

No picture this week, but it seems I missed one last week. Will create it in the next few days I think.


That was pretty amazing wasn’t it? Like the ball was coated with Crisco or something. Where was Tom Brady? Did he tamper with the balls? (There’s a sentence that I never thought I’d write…)


Yeah it was awesome. The german commentators were going nuts.

In other news: I haven’t seen a tied game in American Football yet, I actually thought that wasn’t possible in the NFL. But Seahawks and Cardinals did it. They both had major kicker fails. Pete Carroll’s face after that last one was priceless. :smiley:


Today on German TV:

  • Washington Redskins at Cincinnati Bengals in London
  • Seattle Seahawks at New Orleans Saints
  • Green Bay Packers at Atlanta Falcons

Unfortunately no Cowboys vs. Eagles, will follow that by watching live scoring in the NFL app.


Falcons v Packers oh my!


Great Touchdown pass by the Falcons!


Thanks Agi! Rogers looks on form though. The Pack will be hard to beat today.


Well, true to form…my Eagles had to search hard, but they found a way to lose to Dallas.

Being an Eagles fan be like…


They fought well though. If they only could have stopped Elliott and/or avoided that fumble.
Some great plays by both teams and a very thrilling game.