Aginor's weird NFL thread


Today on German TV
Eagles vs. Giants
Packers vs. Colts


Uh oh. Doesn’t look too good for the Eagles.
Too many turnovers again. But the game isn’t over yet!

In other news: The Dallas game is already over (Cowboys are clock heavy with all that running game) and they won. Yay!


The Eagles didn’t make it. Guess their coach will receive some fire for his tactical decisions this time. Some not so clever plays ruined it. Could have ended 29-28 if they had just kicked those field goals.

In other news: Dolphins beat Jets. Yay for them!


I’m really happy that I was out mountain biking and hiking today so I wouldn’t have to subject myself to that agony once again… The best Eagle’s games I the ones I don’t watch…


Today on German TV:
Chiefs at Panthers
Cowboys at Steelers


Poor Panthers. I think they have a real psychological problem.
And @BeachAV8R 's Eagles won the aerial dogfight against the Falcons!
…despite Wentz fumbling the ball. Again.


And Dallas starts with a fumble…
Well, we will see.


I almost had a heart attack with that fake spike by the Steelers. Well done!
But Prescott got balls of steel and Elliott is acting as if he had afterburners. Holy Cow!

Also Cardinals made it. :smile:


Watching Cardinals vs. Vikings now.
A bit underwhelmed by Carson Palmer’s performance.
Up next Patriots vs. 49ers.

Meanwhile the Cowboys seem to have a hard game against Ravens. We’ll see how that one will end.


This week we had the Cowboys vs Redskins on Thanksgiving, and today we had Cardinals vs. Falcons and Panthers vs. Raiders on German TV.

All of them turned out to be pretty exciting so I am happy. :slight_smile:


That Panthers game was great.


Today on German TV:
Dolphins vs. Ravens
Giants vs. Steelers

And the Cowboys won on Thursday. Yay!


Oh no it seems like the Dolphins get punched by the Ravens right now.
Good for the Ravens though.


Watching the final minutes of KC vs. ATL now. German TV decided that’s the more exciting game.

Oh btw: Y’all know why the Browns didn’t lose today?
… they were on bye week. :laughing::joy:


Wow, there were some noteworthy games yesterday!

  • Panthers were eaten by birds (Seahawks)
  • Dolphins were eaten by birds (Ravens)
  • Redskins were eaten by birds (ok, not THAT much eaten, by the Cardinals)

(now, how should I put this to spare poor @BeachAV8R …)
Eagles didn’t look too good against Bengals, not sure what happened there. Very bad day for Wentz and his guys.

Also WTF did you see that 2-point conversion gone wrong in the KC vs. ATL game? I LOL’d so hard. Big play by the defense!


I think the Eagles are already planning their post season vacation…from what Caribbean island they are going to be watching the playoffs and Superbowl…


Maybe they started their caribbean vacation (light version) already, by drinking lots of rum… That would explain some of what we saw there.


Yeah, that hurt. Ryan does so much good, that it’s hard to get angry about it. Add to that the Eric Berry cancer recovery story and it’s a bitter sweet loss for sure. With the Bucs beating San Diego, the Falcons are hanging on the the NFC South lead by a hair (difference conference record). We’ll have to be playing our best football down the stretch to remain a contender. Looks like we close out with the Panthers and the Saints, which are always tough games.


Today on German TV:
Steelers vs Bills
Packers vs. Seahawks

And you really have to give it to the Steelers: their RB is awesome. The way Bell waits for the gap and then accelerates through it, doing spin moves and just moving forward.
And one tends to forget it: he doesn’t do that alone. The unsung hero there is the fullback, a guy named Nix. Great blocking work so Bell can make all those yards. I hope such good work is acknowledged by the coaches even though it probably isn’t that visible in statistics.

EDIT: hah! Now CBS showed a few scenes where you could see Nix doing that awesome job.


Holy crap what’s up with Big Ben today?
He just threw his third INT!!!