Airbus A300-600R(F)

It’s officially released. 70 GBP/78 EUR/$92 USD

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Sounds like a really cool plane!

Hmm. Thats steeper than I wanted to pay…but…my credit cards do need a little love

The price is steep - especially right before FS2020 release - but it does not disappoint.


I’m going to wait for @PaulRix to tell me how well it works in VR first… :wink:

Lol…I have a 757 that I still haven’t flown yet. Also, I suspect I’ll be well over budget on MSFS launch day seeing as there will be some 3rd party offerings that will be calling my name.


The A300 is calling to me as the ultimate Air Hauler bird…well…unless you consider the 747F to the the ultimate I suppose. I’m gonna have to wait for a sale though…

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Just bought it. Might be a couple days reading up on flying it but I think it will be fun!
I’m not getting msfs anyway so this will suffice until the MD-11 comes out from rotate.

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Let us know what you think about it after some time with it. If you have to, lie and say it is awful and buggy and unattractive so I can save some money.

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Definitely avoid at all costs, it’s utter garbage. /sarcasm

I’m really enjoying it so far. There’s definitely a few bugs I’ve noticed (have to deselect HDG SEL to use the heading autopilot function, noticed one of the displays pops out but is not drag-able), but overall I think I’m going to be very happy with the purchase.


Got a flight from KMEM to KBOS.

Start up and taxi went good. If you know airbus you can start it up.

Take off was ok, but I struggled with the Auotpilot. Mainly the autothrottle, Its seems like a cross between Boeing and airbus. Im not sure how it works. I did land without any issues.

Overall its a great plane, Its a joy to fly, once I get the AP down there will be no stopping me!!

Oh one little annoying thing, the documentation is lacking IMO, it refers you to youtube videos but never really spells it out in writing,


The autopilot has given me some issues as well, I’m still not 100% how to use it. Basic HDG, speed hold, FMS Nav, I can do. The Land function (VS for Boeing types?) is a bit quirky, and I’m not sure yet how to transition to a raw data ILS approach.

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So I’ve learned a little more about the autopilot.

It doesn’t care about constraints. If you have a hold at 5000 but put 30000 in it will continue to climb to 30000. Unlike the A320 which will abide but the holds.

It does hold 250 knts below 10k though.

Also profile mode is basically managed mode.

And v/l is the equivalent to loc.

Also there is a hidden toga button as well. Bottom screw next to the a/thr button

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Did a return from KBOS to KMEM.

Better this time for me. Autopilot still perplexes me. I think the worst part is I can get it to do what I want but i have no clue why it did it or how I made it do it.

The MCDU is awesome in this plane. When you select airways it brings up a list of end points for that airway. I like it!

Its a very very well done plane, Its worth the money if you like big airliners. Like i said earlier the lack of a in depth manual irks me a bit, but the devs are putting out videos on things so maybe it will be ok.

Before buying this plane I had never heard of inibuilds, Now I can’t wait till they finish the A380!


Sounds like the Universal UNS-1 - a pretty friendly box that lets you input the fix and then it will list the airways from that fix and exit points…

I’m curious, how do you put in an Airway? I’m used to the Boeing way of Via…To on the RTE page, but it didn’t accept airways when I tried putting them in on the F-PLN page.

Did my first “longer” flight today from TNCM-KEYW, lost the #2 engine up at cruising altitude. Not sure what happened, I had it on time acceleration while I was getting work done around the house. Came back, fumbled through trying to restart the motor (here’s where lack of documentation bites you even more), gave up and just cleared the failure, restarted the motor and moved on.

Only thing I can think of is I still had the motors set to CL instead of CR while cruising. The N2 was stuck at 0 (seized) so I doubt I would have gotten a re-light even if I had the EPs.

Select the waypoint you wish to enter the airway at. It will bring you to another page. Then select airway and type in the airway.

I’m awa from my PC right now but I’ll get a picture up later.


Here is a quick pic showing the 4 steps I use to select airways. This works on any airbus with the exception of being able to select end points, So far, for me at least, that is unique to the A300.

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Awesome thanks!


Seems like fine review from RL Bus driver

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