Am I missing something... again? (not seeing the download)

I pre-ordered the F-14 Module back when originally announced… but I hear it’s been released, but not seeing no update for the module in my list of purchased modules, and no update on DCS world which usually comes before a new module release.

Am I missing something? Someone said it might be the wrong version of DCS World, that I need the beta… but I thought the whole damn thing was a beta. ??? thx.

You will indeed need the OpenBeta version of the DCSW software.

The good news is that you don’t have to download the full thing, you can tell the software how to switch to the OpenBeta and it will just download the stuff that makes the difference. :slight_smile:


Some info and tools to help in here:


Another thing:
If you bought from the Heatblur store you have to activate the module with the key sent via email in your DCS account…