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SCS Software returns to the shores of the United States with their highly anticipated American Truck Simulator… Released in early February (2016), American Truck Simulator (ATS) brings the feel of Euro Truck Simulator 2 to North American audiences. At a release price of $19.99, ATS provides great gameplay value for the initial investment. SCS no…

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Nice read. How big is the map? just Nevada and California? I’m with you that I’d die for a flight sim with a career mode like that.



Can confirm it works with TrackIR in ‘cockpit’ and can confirm I still can’t park the damn thing while looking backwards.


Nice article @BeachAV8R, as usual. TrackIR and a wheel make this game amazing, gives you time to look around and enjoy the scenery. And backing up is nice, turn your head far enough left and the view flips out to over-your-shoulder out the window view. Helps with parking for sure.

@Sryan the map currently includes California and Nevada, with probably 15 cities in each state. As the article said Arizona is coming soon as a free addon. To give an idea of scale, the longest hauls can take close to approx 30-45 minutes depending on your driving and weather/time.

Also a really nice Multiplayer mod at go convoy with your friends!


What happened to me?
For years I was just making fun of such simulators like “farming simulator” and “euro truck simulator”, and now I am really tempted to try some of them…
It started with Spintires which I played a bit, and I was shocked to notice that I was excited to be able to park a truck with a long trailer somewhere.

But I wonder, are those sims any good without a steering wheel? It works halfway decently in Spintires but I wonder about the other sims.


ATS is the most fun with a wheel ofcourse, but sometimes I don’t feel like setting up my wheel and just use the mouse or keyboard, it should work perfectly fine like that for most people.

But, you can try for yourself, I’ve heard a demo has come out!


I play ETS 2 and ATS with a Xbox one controller. It works great!

For Farming Sim I use the keyboard.


Just Nevada and Califorina but Arizonia is one the way as a free DLC. SCS said they will release other States as paid DLC and contiune to released based on sales.


Yeah…the XBox controller works surprisingly well… I’m just too lazy to break out my Momo and attach it to the desk. I need a “Bridge Commander” type setup where I just rotate my chair to face the new sim pit setup of my choice…LOL…


99.9% of the time this decides what sim or game I play. LOL!


You should make it so the display and chair stays stationary and the control-setup rotates around!


I like your train of thought there… :smile:


I just realized my ATS skillz are very much near zero…


Those sort of docks are quite common in new buildings where I live, it takes the trucks that are unloading away from the streets, I really wish we had these in ATS/ETS2! The closests I’ve found is the little dock in pro-mods:

You have to do a 90 degree turn but as you can see cars park straight in front of the dock! Anyway, I love parking in ETS2/ATS, it’s the most fun you can have with trucks!


Looks like they’ve added Steam Workshop support. Smart - I bet the mods are going to be pretty good for this…


That’s awesome. I love the Arma 3 Steam Workshop (though some of the stuff can be hit or miss)…



Arizona teasers…


Arizonia is released, All be it in Beta but its out.

Some more game improvements as well, including advanced trailer coupling.

ATS and ETS 2 received the same updates minus Arizona. Both are in Public BETA right now. Other changes included updates to the way external contracts are handled. Before you had to leave the game and go to the website, now its all in game.

More updates coming this year including France and a new Renault Truck for ETS2 and if I was a betting man a New truck or two for ATS and maybe another state.


Been waiting for this, wanted to set up shop in the Old Pueblo, coincidentally, my old pueblo. Curious to see what direction they go after this. Would love to take a long haul from one side of the country to the other on I-40 or I-10 in the game, so here’s to hoping they stay down south for the next few :smiley: