American Truck Simulator


I would like to see the I-10 run as well However that’s six states, Not sure if they have any more states in development.

I wouldn’t mind seeing the I-5 finished off either though, That would only take two states(Oregon and Washington).

Im not so sure we would ever get all 50 states from SCS but the ones we do get will probably be awesome. Modders might fill in the rest.


And that 850+ mind-numbing miles across central Texas…


Ok, since I never played such a game I have to ask: Are those distances kinda shortened or are you really able (and/or forced) to drive the whole distance?


Shortened. I think it take me about an hour to drive across europe, Italy to England, Maybe an Hour and a half. And I can drive from the top of Cal to the bottom of Arizona in around an hourish


…so no simulated wrecks that back up through the Grapevine…? Or pulling your hair out in rush hour traffic at the El Toro 5/ 405 split? What’s the fun in that?


No wrecks but traffic is bad. I sat at an intersection in Tonopah for about 30 mins real time. And very few traffic lights have left turn arrows. So If your not first or second in line to turn left it could be awhile.


If you play multiplayer you can get some pretty spectacular crashes. They get cleared up quickly though.


AZ map is out now!


Oh god. So much to play so little time!


Got it installed on my dads PC last week(selected beta in Steam) and he absolutely loves it!


Just meant the release version is out now :slight_smile: in case anyone else was waiting for the non-beta version. Darn and here I was thinking of going to bed early tonight :smiley:


It was more a celebration of it being in full release, my father is absolutely addicted to ATS/ETS2 so I tend to look up new stuff for him to enjoy!


I have been playing ATS a bit lately and I have to say it seems an improvement of ETS. The trucks with the same tonnage of cargo in ATS feel more weighty (if that is a thing). I still have both in stalled but enjoying what is happening with ATS.


I still need to check out the Arizona map…


Finally got to play some tonight. Seems to be a big improvement with the AZ map. Heck I even saw a protected left turn! Don’t remember which city it was, so can’t say if it was done properly or not though. But what a difference!


I’m going to have to check this out. This might be my Father’s Day present to myself.


Yeah…sitting here trying to decide what do do for myself too. :smiley:


Ooooh new announcement, they are going to be going back over the 3 states and changing the scale from 1/35th to 1/20th, for free of course. They basically said, if we don’t do it now, it’s just gonna be more of a you know what later. So they are fixing up a lot of the stuff people gave feedback about, and making it bigger :slight_smile:


Thats gret news. needs more “B” roads though


That’s really cool…and still seems like it must be a lot of work… :sweat: