American Truck Simulator


Well they said that sales were a lot better than anticipated so they wound up hiring a lot more people so I guess it was good enough sales wise that they could afford to do it. They were planning on having a team of 8-10 but it’s going to wind up being 20 iirc


Interesting article:


I think i saw an easter egg.

Plinking away through the desert (daytime) i guess in nevada somewhere. I wasn’t paying much attention, and there was no traffic, but something black shot accoss the sky low level insanely fast.

It was gone by the time i realised something was happening. Anyone else seen it, and know what it is? i am guessing an area 51 easter egg or something.


I have seen that. I thinks its just a fighter jet.


Necro thread revival

In traffic with my Peterbuilt and owned trailer enroute to drop off

Job completed and not the easiest of parking spaces with poles each side of the parking bay.

Random encounters can mix things up a bit. Here is one, a nasty crash. Its blocking my exit. This trip there were 3 encounters. I had 2 blocked intersections (one by police barrier the other the afore mentioned crash), and a broken down car on the opposite side of the road which had no impact on traffic.


Nice! I’ve been driving my Volvo around lately. Pretty decent truck.

Also SCS just announced the next state will be Washington. Which will be out sometime this year.


Been hanging on the coast in Oregon, looks pretty good.