Angela McCloud (ANGEL WINGS), Comic heroine

Good to see they are finally translating aviation series Angel Wings, about the busty WASP pilot Lt. Angela “Angel” McCloud, into English as well!

So far this awesome (WW-II) aviation series contains 2 trilogies: “Burma” and Pacific" (cycle 1 and cycle 2). Cycle 3 ("Korean War’) starts with volume 7 in Autumn 2021.
Cycle 1 in English (including scenario): Angel Wings - first cycle - English edition (

USO-artist Jinx Falkenberg visting the Burma Banshees in Burma (from Angel Wings #1)

The drawings by artist Romain Hugault are awesome (at the least).
Meanwhile series Angel Wings has been released in France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, Japan, South-Korea and China.
Nowadays buyers of comics/graphic novels are mainly adults (at least on the Continent), so Angel Wings is also written (by scenarist Yann) for adults in particular.
Because of the huge popularity of Angel Wings, and at the request of many fans, there will be a 3rd cycle (dyptich) with Angela McCloud during the Korean War. Fans from South-Korea have even invited artist Romain Hugault, so he can make realistic drawings from Korea.

The complete collection of Angel Wings, including special, king-size editions: ANGEL WINGS | Paquet (

Collection of vintage pin-up calendars with Romain Hugault art: Books & Magazines - Eastman Leather Clothing

Bio (brief):
Lt. Angela McCloud is a WASP pilot. Her plane is a Dakota DC 3 (aka C-47 Sky-train). However, the Japs like to attack her Dakota. The self-assured Angela is also a plane-mechanic and an OSS agent (today CIA).

Promo from 2018, showing Angel Wings volumes 1 - 5

From Angel Wings #1 “Burma Banshees”:

Assam Valley, Burma


From Angel Wings volume 1 “Burma Banshees” (2014)

One of the special editions:

The complete collection of Romain Hugault’s great aviation art and albums we may find here: Romain Hugault : Site Officiel

Fifinella Lt. Angela "Angel’ McCloud:

From Angel Wings volume 3 “Target Broadway” (2016)

4x from Angel Wings #1


Angel Wings volume 5; this special, king-size edition has a flag as a bonus!

Page 5 from Angel Wings volume 5 “Black Sands”:

In the Angel Wings albums there is a lot of room for the awesome drawings by Romain Hugault.
The creative team (Yann and Hugault) prefer to show the lesser known war birds.

Angel Wings has also a sub-plot: the mystery murder of Angela McCloud’s sister Maureen McCloud, like her she was also a Fifinella (WASP pilot). This sub-plot already begins in volume 1 and in volume 6 we may know what happened to her.

“copy-cat”… :wink:


Those drawings are exceptional!


A Grumman Duck; from Angel Wings volume 4.

From Angel Wings #1 “Burma Banshees” (2014); scene: WASP Lt. Angela McCloud flying with her Dakota over the Himalayas:

From Angel Wings #2 “Black Widow” (2015):

The special, king-size edition of Angel Wings volume 6 “Atomic”, has this bonus (Fifinella Angela McCloud on a WASP poster):


I have a couple of these in French. Cant read a lick of French but I loved the artist so much that I bought two!

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The fabulous PBY Consolidated Catalina:

© Romain Hugault

The Grumman Goose (and Angela Mcloud), Hawai, 1944:

© Romain Hugault

2x Romain Hugault’s poster art:


Not my cup of tea but I’m really glad there’s a place for this type of artistry in the 21st century. Thanks.

Grumman Goose: concept:


P-51D, concept:


Flight-jacket: US-Navy M-422a:


B-24 cargo, concept:


Album cover with B-29 “Enola Gay”, concept:




Both albums:


What a view!

The P-51D Mustang:

Cockpit P-51D, concept:



A P-51D escorting a B-29 bomber, who had a meeting with some Japs…


absolutely awesome I would say :slight_smile:

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WASP pilot and OSS agent Lt. Angela “Angel” McCloud.

Burma Banshees; having bad weather in Burma, 1942:

Okinawa beach, early 1945, concept:


A P-40 Warhawk and “The Whale”’ over Burma, concept:


A B-29 over Japan, 1945, concept:


Assam Valley, Burma, 1942 (concept):



From Angel Wings volume 1 (2014): a Dakota DC-3 over the Himalayas, concept:


Cockpit Dakota DC-3:

Cockpit Dakota DC-3, Romain Hugault art:

Nakajima Ki-27:

The Burma Banshees’ Curtis P-40 Kitty-hawk:

Fifinella Lt. Angela McCloud, towards debriefing:

Former Burma Banshee Philip A. Adair signed Angel Wings #1 “Burma Banshees”:


I think it’s a Nate:

The details in the drawings are amazing.


I’d love to know how he does build the image, how he fix the referenced models on paper…
Absolutely marvellous.

I have his book about Russian Front “Le grand Duke”.

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Thats really amazing art with a lot of attention to detail.

@mirage. Thanks! Yep! It’s the Nakajima Ki-27 (aka 'Nate") indeed. I saw it also, but because of the forum restrictions for new members, I wasn’t able to correct this immediately.

Nakajima Ki-27’s attacking the air base of the Burma Banshees:

Burma Banshee Lt. Philip Adair escorting WASP pilot Lt. Angela McCloud in her Dakota DC-3:

A Curtis P-40 in trouble:

An awesome landing scene…

5 impressions from Angel Wings volume 1 “Burma Banshees”, (2014)


@komemiute. Finally. The first trilogy of Angel Wings (“Burma Banshees”) in English:
However, in a couple of days sold-out! Knowing Publisher Paquet, there soon will be a 2nd edition.

Oneshot “The final Flight” however is still available:
This aviation album from September 2005 with short WW-II stories, was Romain Hugault’s debut. shows some preview pages:

About how Romain Hugault does build the image, how he fix the referenced models on paper, there are some vids on YouTube.
Monsieur Hugault in his studio and during a public demonstration how he works…

This design became (with minor changes) a book cover:

Romain Hugault’s calendar art, part 1 (Mirage 2000B):


Romain Hugault’s poster art, part I:

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