Announcing the 'Styrspak FPL 37 Viggen'



Nice! Better leave it to cure for a long time then having to start over!


The silicone has cured!
I had to turn up the heat in my hobby room to accelerate the curing.

There’s been some seepage of the silicone, but as it doesn’t stick to LEGO bricks, it’s easy to remove.
Now I’ll clean out the clay, and start rebuilding the innards of the other side…


When dismanteling the LEGO flask, the low viscosity of the silicon became apparent…

The mold part needs further cleaning and flash removal. The silicon seems to be very high quality. Strong, flexible and holds its shape well.

The detail is perfect!
Just a few, small bubbles. But these will become positive material on the cast. Just a matter of filing down.


Plus, what control stick doesn’t get a few nicks and scratched over the years. :slightly_smiling_face:


The original that I use as a master has plenty! :wink:


Using blu-tac clay to build up some channels and reinforcements.
One coating of mold release applied.


Fantastic progress, cannot wait!


Mixing another batch of silicone.

Curing time…

Now let’s hope that 3 layers of release agent was enough, because nothing adheres to silicone, like new silicone…!

We’ll see tomorrow.


When i visit this thread, it somehow instills a craving for strawberry yoghurt in me. :smirk:


Since this thread has been running I have spent $236.65 in Lego purchases…off to get Cinderella’s Castle now…


Ladies and gentlemen!
We have a clean separation…

Was a bit anxious about this, as I have had molds adhering perfectly to eachother before… But so far, these materials have behaved extremely well!

Behold, the two halves!


Looks great Troll!



Grymt kul o se att de går framåt! Du har en given köpare här :blush:


What he said. :grin:


Troll, that is Incredible work Man, Absolutely SPLENDID!!!


I am a bit confused (what else is new).

I thought that you were going to get a one piece grip from the two halves of the real grip. And then drill out the middle for the wires, buttons and switches.

So you are making two half grip molds? L and R? So this is only half done?

…I’m kind of like Archer in these clips…specifically starting at 3:30.


You DO understand! :smile:
Yes, I’m doing the grip as close as the real deal as possible.
And, it’s a lot easier dealing with two halves. You will see later on…
Lot more work when creating the molds though. And these are just the molds for the plastic master, that I then will adjust to suit the switches and what not. Then I will make molds out of that again…

Nobody said this was going to be easy.


Absolutely sterling job!


Remind me one detail: how much would you sell this stick for, to- like- your absolutely bestest internet friend ever from Italy?


So this will be finished abut the same time ED allows RAZBAM to release their Mig-19? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

…what?…too soon? :grin: