Announcing the 'Styrspak FPL 37 Viggen'



You mean that guy who did the logotype?
I guess I owe him one… :wink:
We need to revisit that, BTW. Put some text on it and start making patches. :thinking:

As for pricing in general…
I will sell these more or less at cost. I’m going to make it perfectly clear to anybody buying the stick, that it is amateur made and I will only accept responsibility for a year or so. I don’t want to be stuck with warranty cases the rest of my life.
OTOH, all the electronics will be shelf-ware, and easily replaceable by anyone capable of handling a screwdriver and a soldering iron.


(sigh)…that leaves me out :wink:


Only about Two Weeks™ :wink:

BTW, the MiG-19 ought to be a suitable opponent for the Viggen, don’t you think?


At your service, Sir. :salute:


Yes, although, I would characterize the Viggen as a multirole fighter; primarily A2G with an A2A capability, but the A2A is more likely selfdefense.

A (complete) Mig-19 would be a good match to a Viggen trying to ingress or egress a target. I am already thinking of the scenarios…we really need more maps or at least one airfield Turkey on the Caucus map.

I got the DCS Viggen because there wasn’t a DCS Drakken (my al-time favorite Swedish fighter)…actually because it seemed to have cool features, and was on sale.

It has become my favorite western jet and is tied with the Mig-21 as favorite overall.
(For comparison I also have the F-15C, A-10C, F-5, FA-18 and Mig-15, Mig-29, Su-33)

The thing about the Viggen (probably the real Viggen as well as the DCS mod) is that it has really effective A2G weapons but, you have to learn how to use them. Once you do–you understand how the jet’s “numbers code” computer interfaces with the weapons–it is awesome.

I developed a training scenario for the BK 90. When I finally flew and employed the weapons correctly, I took out an entire apron (an IL-76 unloading ammo, with previously unloaded MRLs), and another IL-76 that was on the runway in its TO roll! It was one of those times where I just paused theism to admire my handiwork. :grin:


Only one K, and pronounced with a long A.
Draaken. Much like Gripen, which only has one P and is pronounced Greepen :slight_smile:

That concludes our free Swedish language lesson…

I agree that a Draken would be perfect in DCS. I’m nurturing a faint hope that the Heatblur AI Draken will evolve into a full module.

As far as the -19 as a Viggen (yes, two G and a short I) opponent goes, I was thinking it would’ve had a secondary Soviet airforce role, in the Baltic states, during the cold war?


For some reason I read this as ‘self aware’ and I was briefly concerned…


Nah… I got some cheap circuits from a company called Cyberdyne Systems. We should be safe.
I think Discobot is one of theirs…



You laugh, I laugh, the toasters Laughs.

I shoot the toaster.


Time to mix things up again…

Now, we wait…


My heartrate picked up the pace, when I started the demoulding process…

The mould came apart to reveal this little beauty…


Total SUCCESS!!!

What an incredible result! A few small bubbles, that are easily fixed. The shape and detail is perfect…!

I’m having a beer to celebrate! :beer:


Wow! Bern lurking around in this thread for some time now, getting more and more impressed! Will continue to follow with great interest. Fantastic work, good luck!


Wow! Nice!


Sawed off the casting stubs and checked the cast against the original, for shape issues and shrinkage.

Looks good!

The real acid test comes when comparing the cast right side part, to the original left side part…


When looking at the front I noticed that the cast part was slightly wider than the original left side part… Rats! I must have squeezed the mould or something.
And then I checked the two original parts, together. Sure enough! The orignal parts differ here as well! :slight_smile:

There’s supposed to be a gap, at the front. That’s where the ”knife” goes. It’s a part that vibrates agains the fingers at high AoA.


Can we pre-order? Will it be available before the Mig-19? :wink:


No. No ordering of any kind until I’m absolutely certain that I can pull this off…

Yes! I will definitely finish the stick project before I even start on building a MiG-19 replica… :wink:


I thought I’d try a test cast using the TC-814 aluminum plastic, in the mould I just made…

I didn’t think things through…
The TC-814 compund is a lot heavier than the black plastic I used to cast the master.
This means that the pressure at the bottom of the mould became too much for the silicone mould and uncured TC-814 started to leave the mould at the bottom and lower sides…!
After a few minutes, it started to cure and the rest remained inside the mould.

When I demoulded the cast this morning, it turned out not so bad, after all!
The alu-plastic had stuck to the inner walls of the mould, but poured out in the middle, leaving a hollow cast at the top. Rather cool, actually! :slight_smile:

The over all shape of the cast was great👍🏻

A bit more bubbles than the black plastic cast.

But the part is really strong and heavy! Almost matching the original in weight.

And it gets that beautiful alu shine, when it’s worn.

So, this is very much a case of learning by doing. I have some ideas on how I should construct the moulds for the mass production.

And I’m even more convinced that the TC-814 compound is the way to go here. This will save me a lot of time and work, in the production phase. Which means a lower cost without reducing product quality.




Great work :slight_smile: