Announcing the 'Styrspak FPL 37 Viggen'



Otroligt snyggt! :slight_smile:


You’re positively nuts. In a good way. :grinning:


Awesome results from the first molds! I just wanna help u finish this faaast :smile::grin:


I was looking at the Styrspak diagram in the DCS manual. (pgs 22 23) It is interesting because I have set up my X-52 controller rather opposite - kind of swapped the Styrspak button functions with the throttle… like the Radio button being on the Styrspak vice throttle.

Obviously I need to redo the entire thing.

In that light, I’ve got a couple of questions.

The button on the Styrspak that is AP Disconnect. Is that ATT or HÖJD off but SPAK still on? Or SPAK off?

What is the “Reference button (for HUD altitude reference)”? How is it different from the HÖJD CI/SI switch?

My plan is to have my current set up as close as possible to the “real thing” so that when you go into production, I’ll be used to it.


It’s called ”SNURK” which is short for Snabburkopplingsknapp (snabb=fast, urkoppling=disconnect, knapp=button).
It cancels all the SA06 modes (SPAK, ATT and HÖJD). SA06 is the Styrautomat 06 or Autopilot

The reference button on the stick sets the current altitude reference level on the SI (HUD), indicated by the top of the green poles in the SI.
The HÖJD CI/SI selects radar altitude (RHM) or barometric altitude (LD) correction of the altitude reference on the Central Indicator (Radar scope) and Siktlinjesidindikator (HUD, or litterally ”Sight Line Indicator”). The altitude reference presentation is always corrected for barometric pressure above 2450m.




I think I understand. The reference button basically resets the SI on the HUD so that your current altitude is the “correct” altitude…all the green poles are aligned with the horizontal bar…useful if you want to fly at a higher or lower altitude from the preprogramed altitude. The HÖJD CI/SI is a switch between Radar Alt and barometric alt…until 2450 when is all barometric.

Seeing as my ability to fly the Viggen goes down substantially once the AP is turned off in any matter, …I’ve got to wonder why they would put that button in a place where I could so easily press it accidentally. :astonished: I’ll send an email to SAAB today. :grin:

EDIT: :open_mouth: Oops…Corrected…I knew it was one of the Swedish auto makers. It’s early…I haven’t finished my first coffee…etc.

EDIT 2: OK, so I was correct, just misspelled Saab…sorry, SAAB. :dizzy_face:


Just when I started to like you… :weary:

Edit: SAAB; Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolag.


So what is the design of the inside of the stick looking like? I am assuming that although it will be Virpil (and TM) compatible, it will not look the same. I ask because I am assuming that a VKB conversion kit will not suffice :slight_smile:




This hasn’t been decided.
I will most likely make a base under the grip, that will contain the electronics and the joystick adapter. It will definitely be TM/VPC compatible. I hope to be able to make it VKB compatible as well.


I can send you my extra VKB/TM adapter kit if it helps. I bought an extra when the F-18 stick was ‘announced’ by TM in the hopes that it would work :-).


Thanks, but I have one. :slight_smile:


So as I’m looking at this…

There are 5 buttons usable in DCS:

1 Radio transmit
2 Trigger Safety
3 Trigger
4 AP disconnect
5 Reference button (HUD)

Plus the trim hat.

Everything seems to be a normal push button except the trigger safety. How does that work?


There’s a button underneath the safety as well… It’s a sight uncage button that’s activated by pressing the safety down.

The safety is flipped up, to release the trigger.
Here’s a vid I made when I got the grip.


Amazing stuff, brilliant :star_struck: