Announcing the 'Styrspak FPL 37 Viggen'



Så sjukt snyggt!



What he ^ said. :slight_smile:


According to my Apple translator “S sick nicely”…OK…


It’s the language of honor and heroes…
(Äran och hjältarnas språk)
@martan is saying; ”That’s sick, man!” He means that in a very positive sense, of course.


“robbery and helpers talk”…think I need a new translator…I’d ask my wife, but she is busy right now.


I think when my Swedish and Prussian ancestors got to the USA, they went “Enough with old tongues! We speak American now!”

Ah, if only they knew how the world was going to change…


Haha :slight_smile:

Edited the original post!


I think also your translator is wrong… it should be
" Thats stick, man ! " :wink:


Awesome! Curious to know what the next step is for this prototype; trigger mechanism or straight on to electronics?


Well, I kind of make things up as I go along.
@martan is helping me with the trim hat, right now. The trigger and safety mechanism is also on a drawing that’s being updated as new ideas come along.

Did a ”proof of concept” for using magnets as a centering mechanism for the trim hat.


I see! That’s a really clever solution for the trim hat! By the Iooks it seems to have a very similar feeling as the real thing! I have zero doubts that this will turn out great! :smile:


I think so… It won’t be exactly like the real deal, of course. But I think it will have a good deal of ’break out’ force. The real trim hat needs quite a lot of force, and has a surprisingly long travel.

Here’s another idea I have got, for using magnetic force for the trigger.
The trigger of the real stick has a wonderful feeling. It reminds me of shooting a revolver.

I’m also thinking of using magnets for the safety lever… :slight_smile:


Magnets are fun :smile:


Til you have one on your skull, then the damn thing leaps and connects itself to the steel SIPR pipe on the wall next to the TV you were trying to mount.


Pictures, please! :smile:


Ground up hamburger with lots of blood and bits of bone sticking out allowed in pictures? :grimacing:


On second thought… :wink:


(Just FYI for those concerned, it was the headpiece of the processor that jumped off and it was fine. The internal device has a much weaker magnet.)


On a slightly related subject (read, I don’t feel like starting a new thread) - I was looking at some airport scenery and I thought what a good idea t would be to ave one of those safety boards that shows “X Days Since Last Accident”…and we could tie it to the last day that you crashed a Viggen…and by “you” I obviously mean “me”. Could tie it into the Logbook. :grin:

Back to the ‘Styrspak FPL 37 Viggen’


Maybe we should substitue days, for hours, to get a number above zero…?