Anyone have thoughts on the announced Nvidia RTX 20XX line


2070 replaces the 1070 - has the same VRAM but is a lot faster with traditional rendering.
2080 replaces the 1080 - has the same VRAM but is a lot faster with traditional rendering.
2080ti replaces the 1080ti - has the same VRAM but is a lot faster with traditional rendering.


Philosophical corner : is it worth to invest hundreds of money to get the extra eyecandy !?

I mean the DCS engine is quite ( constantly ) optimized atm imo.

My last online mision in UH1 in persian desert was at 50-60fps on 4k on medium-low setings ( terain textures high ).

I gues it is individual… or the cockpits I fly are not that fps hungry…


In some cases, I’d say yes. X-Plane is pretty VRAM intensive, so all the more the better. If I could spend a few hundred dollars extra a year to run even more bells and whistles I will. If I were playing Far Cry or other first person shooters primarily, I don’t know that it would make a difference boosting from 90 to 130 or 140 to 180 fps…I mean, I’m not sure it would really be noticeable. But in flight sims, I think it helps because we are usually down around the bottom of those numbers, sometimes into the 30s and 40s. DCS seems to be pretty well optimized now and I wouldn’t lump it in with X-Plane and P3D, which are still pretty needy on CPU and GPU.


In addition to what @BeachAV8R has said. My point of view goes something like this.

I didn’t want an RTX card for all the obvious reasons. My main SIM is dcs, and I couldn’t run water on high and had some options reduced. To be fair, I had fairly high settings and my old card was coping fine. But with the upgrade to the caucuses map, the fps hit was meaning I would have to start turning down the eye candy to get playable frame rates.

My intent was an interim card to get me through a year or so until the current rtx line had aged and competition was more prevalent. 1080ti prices went through the roof and I spent months scouring prices and various cards.

I was lucky to find a 2080 for less than a 1080ti and far less than what this version of 2080 goes for retail and that is why I bought it. Its performance is good and I am happy to have the sliders back up on max.

Would I buy this card at the price it’s currently going for at retail, no. Its a good card but the prices are on the silly side for me. I was lucky and the price for me is acceptable for what I got.

Why only acceptable and not good or great? Because I most likely won’t use Ray tracing before the next upgrade anyway and dlss is honestly a good year or two away from optimisation and implementation in games.

So it’s an acceptable price. I think of rtx like owning the old James bond car that turned into a submarine, but I live in a dessert. It’s a great feature, but there is nowhere to use it and quite honestly, you shouldn’t be paying extra for it.


I finally decided to look at the card that came with the game machine computer I purchased last year. I bought the rig for work (esci Flightsim Publications) because I was looking at expanding my simNovels into P3D…so I just bought a “cheap” system with enough general specs-CPU speeds, RAM and graphics card memory–I figured would run it. With the rise of XP11, the P3D expansion was deemed unprofitable, so I’m looking at DCS and XP11

It has a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 w/ 6G It seems to run DCS just fine at pretty good graphics levels.

I’m still fooling with XP11. From this thread I read:

The graphics that XP11 defaults decided on were pretty much near the middle of the sliders, and I’m not happy with the results. Wondering if I should spend time carefully adjusting slides (like I did with FSX more times than I can count), or just upgrade to something mentioned here - specifically the 20XX line.


I assume it runs fine at 1080p? Oh, I have a EVGA 1080 Ti for sale if anyone’s interested :wink: :wink:


Let the battle of GPU’s begin! I’ll report back here with some DCS benchmark comparisons of the 1080 Ti vs 2080 Ti. :sunglasses:


So I got the 2080 Ti installed and did some testing. Before removing the 1080 Ti I ran several benchmark missions in DCS that I setup and recorded the results in MSI Afterburner. I’m seeing a 20-30% performance increase with the 2080 Ti in DCS. This is consistent with benchmark results in other games that I’ve seen so I’m pretty happy with that.

For the high cost of the 2080 TI I wish the performance increase was more but it is what it is. I had to sell the 1080 Ti plus a few other things I had lying around to pay for it. If you currently have a 1080 Ti and want a performance increase it might be worth it. I sold my 1080 Ti on ebay in a matter of hours after listing it for $670. I actually thought it wouldn’t sell very quickly at that price as I was hoping to sell to someone on craigslist or the forums.

I’ll try to followup tomorrow with some of the perf graphs from Afterburner, my system specs and DCS config for more detail.