Anyone have thoughts on the announced Nvidia RTX 20XX line


For once my early adoption (my 1080) paid off. Waiting didn’t buy you any advantage with that card, but it just so happened to coincide with the miner boom.


And I’m wondering if the i9 has any advantage for heavily CPU weighted sims at all?


I’m not one to overclock, but my i9-9900k doesn’t seem to care to have DCS running while OBS records using its software encoder. I can’t say more to that effect, as my 1070TI gets to it limits before the CPU starts breaking a sweat.


:confused: So a Nvidia RTX 20XX is not better than a Toyota because once the AC was recalled…didn’t think you could recall alternating current…but it…no…still :confused:…think I’ll go back to looking at this thread and nodding knowingly, even though I don’t understand one bit. :grin:


Air conditioner relay, it wouldn’t cool when the fan was on. It would click on then click back off because the relay was defective.
As everyone in Florida knows, AC is always air conditioning. The electricians say alternating current…and then refer to the AC being on. :slight_smile:


I live in Virginia.


STOP saying that. I did not say that EVER. You are putting words in my mouth and I find that highly offensive. If you inferred I was saying that, you are WRONG. Saying I don’t like coffee is NOT the same as saying I think people who drink coffee are losers or something, do you think it is??
Do you honestly believe that if someone expresses a negative opinion about something they are transitively attacking everyone who has a positive or even neutral opinion?? :astonished: By that logic no one is allowed to say anything negative, about anything, ever!
I’m not responsible for your flawed interpretation of my words, or that in YOUR mind the analogy doesn’t work. That’s YOUR opinion, which you’ve stated, not a fact, so move along then. Because apparently your dislike of my analogy is an attack against the person who thought it was good and was enjoying it, me. So stop attacking me!

That analogy fails for multiple reasons.
BD players made standard DVDs look better with upscaling in the interim, just like the 20xx line can do non-RT faster than the 10xx line. And on release Bluray players cost as much as DVD players did when they came out 10 years before, looking better than VHS or Laserdisc but having little to buy for them. And the UHD players then came out 10 years later, upscaling Blurays but having little content at first, for that same high price.
Yet no one paid MORE for a bluray player in 2014 than they did in 2009. In fact, my first BD player cost less than my first LD player, and so did my first UHD player, and they were far superior to the LD. In each case the next gen came out for the same or LESS than the previous gen’s debut (not the current price, those always fall).

And if the 2070 had been $399, and the 2080 and TI’s been the same price as the 1080s, no one would’ve batted an eyelash. If they’d been even $50 more, maybe not, but nvidia instead assumed the dataminer-inflated prices were the new normal and released their products at that price.




Can we all be friends again? :wink:


I bought an RTX2080 two months ago to replace my GTX970 because

  1. I got a significant pay raise
  2. I had just sold my other toy, an electronic drumset
  3. I drank a beer at 1 am

Is it worth the money I paid? No. Not as long as there is not an single game using the new features it brings. I used to buy GPU‘s for ~ 250€ - 400€ and played games when they had been out for a while, and there was nothing wrong with that. Well, now I know for sure.

I‘ll still keep it, because of VR. And I‘m too lazy to change it again.

If you got a 1080 now, my advice is to keep it for a few more months. You‘re missing out on almost nothing except a 2 minute demo showing off a chrome spaceship in 3D Mark 11.

Now when cockpits in DCS will be raytraced, that‘s when the fun starts…


That explains a lot of my purchases…! :bulb:

Yeah, I’m sitting on my old i7 and 1080, happy enough for now and just waiting for a good deal to come along.


Given the recent trend, I think by the time I upgrade my 980, the 2070s should be far more reasonable in pricing, provided I can’t get a used 1080 for a good deal.




Another RTX title, Metro Exodus looks fiendish.


A good summary of the ray tracing now the game is released:


Guess I should finally go play Far Cry 2 and start catching up… :smile:


Skip 2 and go to 3. Much better IMHO


This looks very impressive. I might have to pick it up.


Question to the people with RTX cards:

I see a lot of people saying that the 2070 and 2080 “should” be worse than 1070 and 1080 in DCSW because they have less VRAM, and "DCS needs 10+ GB of VRAM.

I personally think that if the VRAM, bus, and cores are fast enough you should get away with having less VRAM because you will need less VRAM.

Any opinions/measurements on that?


Never owned a 1080 as I was amd before. However 2080 seems to run the game well (on an older cpu which may be bottle necking) with all sliders maxed, water high civ traffic on max view and draw distance and 50-75fps depending where you look. 1080p though, need to upgrade to a 2 k monitor and see how that goes