Arma 3 roadmap

Some interesting info for late 2016-2017 posted:

Jets DLC

Next year, air superiority jets will fight for control over our simulated skies. More details are forthcoming but, for now, we can confirm this package will be supported by a free platform update, with radar / sensor improvements as its stand-out feature. By adding more depth to threat detection and tracking, we aim to improve gameplay across the entire sandbox.


We round off this roadmap with an ambitious goal: overhauling the experience of armoured combat in Arma 3. This package will follow our well-established model: a set of premium assets, which bring something new to the sandbox, supported by platform improvements and additions for everyone, for free. We encourage our community to share their own wishes on the topic, too!



I saw this one the BIS youtube channel, The part of BI that caters to the professional market

perhaps part of the tank dlc :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that The people that make Arma and the people that make VBS are completely different entities. While there are quite a few similarities between the two products, Arma 3 was build entirely from the ground up.

That being said… yes please!

At first I rea that “JEST DLC” and it really got me wondering…

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Guess which game is getting 64Bit support!? :smiley:


BI is the best.


definitely is a good thing

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Would love to see BI add some sort of VR option. Even if it makes me puke.

Oh man, that head bob, that right stick pressing forward to walk…

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I wonder how the helo’s would be though (my primary interest in A3) - I could take short walking portions if it was mostly to get in vehicles…

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I think it would be great. With ARMA it’s about FPS in VR. I didn’t think X-Plane was possible, but FlyInside manages it even with 25-30 fps interpolated, so I reckon in vehicles it would be really nice.

VR would make arma 3 choppers much more interesting. Think of all the noe flying…mmmmmm

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Much like the New York Jets, I can’t get too thrilled about ArmA 3 Jets. The scope of the ArmAs is just so restrictive.

Now, tanks is something that is direly needed, IMO.


I used A3 with VorpX and after many hours of tweaking I had it working OK. It was pretty cool with the helicopters and jets but seemed totally off with infantry. With VorpX, 3D objects seem individually flat but collectively 3D if that makes sense. If you looked at your body, legs, and hands they were squished and out of scale. It really needs to be done with real VR rendering and it would be awesome. Unfortunately you have to tweak many of your ArmA settings and you can’t play on VAC enabled servers with VorpX. I would just wait and see if someone can figure out proper VR, like this guy:


One day Arma…one day we wont have to get in the seat and just walk in with no net latency issues.

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The first rule of Arma:

Look at Arma, notice the feature you want that isn’t there.
Look at VBS, that feature you wanted just got implemented.
Look back at Arma, you’re never going to see that feature there.

RIP Dynamic Snow Accumulation and flowing streams.


Looky here!

5,6 GB Update…

Tanks for that

Ba dum tiss


That would be a no brainer for me…but am I only seeing a like Showcase mission and no real campaign?

There’s a 3 mission mini-campaign

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