ARMA Operation Eye Opener

I got the dedicated server box online, now on to putting the mods on the box. My wife is definitely judging me as I am now using two computers at the same time, doing what looks like nothing.

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Need some volunteers to stress test a server. Its a pretty decent setup for a server, amd 10 6800k @4.4ghz, 16 gb ram, running windows 10 on SSD. Should be plenty for small ops.

I’ll take a look later today. Thanks for your efforts :slightly_smiling_face:

What’s the server name? I’ll look and see if I can find it anyway…

Is it pw protected?

Oh - forgot the mods. have a couple of them - rest is 3.4GB :open_mouth:

*nope - couldn’t find it

I took it down while I was sleeping. The server name is my kickass server. Pw is 7676

ok ta

its back up now, been putting it through its paces with AI, need other clients to confirm it though.

Still unable to find it on the server list

Port forwarding problem maybe? I’m interested because I’d like to try the server out tonight.

Server is off right now. I’ll turn it on in about 30 minutes

Scratch that server is up. To that point, teamviewer is a great piece of software to access your pc out of the network. Id also like to give a big shoutout to Bohemia Interactive, for allowing you to host a server on any map with every DLC without purchasing anything.

Theres the mods again. DynaSound and EhancedSoundscape are client side only, so they are not necessary to join the server.

downloading mods now. Will be able to hop on for a tiny bit. @Linebacker Good until 10:30 for this or anything else.

So far I give your server two thumbs up @Gunnyhighway :thumbsup::thumbsup: . Lets rally the troops!

I’ll be back in a few, fee free to wreck the server.

If we get 4-6 operators, Operation Eye Opener will be a go. PACOM has greenlighted us.

Getting gnarly thunderstorm right now in Dallas, when it blows over I’ll be on.

Lightning made the router power cycle, I’ll turn it on when this blows through.

No hurry Gunny! I should’ve set a time-frame for my “rally the troops” statement out to about a month. :slight_smile:

I was just stoked that I still had a jungle loadout in the arsenal and how well it goes with Tanoa …

Pretty, pretty fabulous right?!

Nothing says operator like full sleeve tats. Wish the beard selection was better, but the tactical beard mod looks like ass.

Yup. I think this guy was THE BEST EVAH!!! …

Can’t get an ID on him though. :slight_smile:


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