ARMA Operation Eye Opener



[quote=“Gunnyhighway, post:80, topic:4423, full:true”]Internet people are shady…:frowning:

Gee, thanks. :grin:


shoot me a message when you get back in town, well go assault some compounds. Date night for me tonight, no gaming…


I’m reviving this post from the dead because my ARMA problem has relapsed. Anyone interests needs to start redownloading now…


Gunny I tend to keep most of arma locked and loaded so to speak. I have read through the thread and most of the mods i have already updated and Downloaded. Has anything changed?


Nothing has changed as far as mods go, I’ll have it up tonight to see if everyone can get in, and no updates have broken the mission.

Aside from the actual mission, the spawn point is a base with a vehicle spawner, so you can run around and mix it up with the locals. Alive runs the insurgency commander and civilian population.


Dangit. I knew when we started talking about it this weekend…